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Chefs hat "Europa - Das Original" | Paper Chefs hat "Europa - Das Original" | Paper  
Chefs hat "Europa Standard" | Paper embossed Chefs hat "Europa Standard" | Paper embossed  
Chefs hat "Europa Extraklasse" | Viscose Chefs hat "Europa Extraklasse" | Viscose  
Chefs hat "Le Grand Chef" | Viscose Chefs hat "Le Grand Chef" | Viscose  
Chefs hat "Le Grand Chef" open | Viscose Chefs hat "Le Grand Chef" open | Viscose  
Chefs hat "Le Chef" |Paper Chefs hat "Le Chef" |Paper  
Chefs hats Excellent | special crepe paper Chefs hats Excellent | special crepe paper  
Chefs hat "Excellent Standard" |  Paper embossed Chefs hat "Excellent Standard" | Paper embossed  
Chefs hat "Excellent Black Style" |  Paper Chefs hat "Excellent Black Style" | Paper  
Chefs hat | PP Chefs hat | PP  
Chefs hat "Excellent Classic" | Viscose Chefs hat "Excellent Classic" | Viscose  
Chefs hat "Variabel" | Crepe Chefs hat "Variabel" | Crepe  
Chefs hat "Variabel" open | Crepe Chefs hat "Variabel" open | Crepe  

Chef's hats - hygienic headgear for gastronomy

The chef's hat is the hallmark of every chef and is just part of the professional kitchen. But a chef's hat is not just a beautiful tradition. The headgear also has very practical reasons: First and foremost, it is about hygiene in the kitchen. As everywhere where food is processed and food is prepared, staff must wear special sanitary clothing - from head to toe. In gastronomy, it is particularly important to wear a hygienic headgear. It is required by law and the HACCP Directive requires it.

Franz Mensch is a specialist in hygiene clothing and disposable products. Of course you will find here in the online shop a large selection of hygienic disposable chef's hats that meet the highest standards - and also fit into your budget planning.

Chef's hats are ideal for the kitchen. Because especially in the restaurant kitchen it is hot. Anyone who has spent several hours on the stove, grill or oven knows how fast you can get into a sweat. A chef's hat absorbs the sweat from the forehead and prevents it from dripping into the eyes and food. Therefore, it is important that the chef's hat is made of a particularly absorbent material and is very kind to the skin. So your kitchen staff is happy about a particularly high wearing comfort. Nice side effect: a chef's hat keeps the hair back and prevents the proverbial "hair in the soup".

Traditionally, one also recognizes the height of the chef's hat, the rank of the person who wears it. The chef's hat distinguishes the chef from the sous chefs, apprentices and kitchen helpers.

disposable chef's hats vs. Cloth chef's hats: disposable clear advantage

Disposable chef's hats are worn much more often in modern kitchens than cloth chef's hats. This has mainly hygienic reasons. With disposable products, you can be sure that you always have a fresh, hygienically perfect product at hand. For disposable chef's hats but speaks even more:

  • no expensive washing needed
  • can be changed immediately under heavy use
  • Size individually adjustable, fits any head size, different sizes do not need to be stocked

The range of chef's hats at Franz Mensch

  • EUROPE-COOKIE HAT: the original chef's hat is only available from Franz Mensch, made of special absorbent paper, perfect for the hot kitchen suitable
  • Chef's hats LE GRAND CHEF made of viscose fleece: very high quality chef's hat, soft and breathable material, first-class look for Kitchen and banquet
  • EXCELLENT Chef's Hats: available in white or black, made from special crepe paper
  • Chef's hats VARIABEL: made of double special crepe paper, also available without crease for a particularly nice, clean look, ideal for the banquet
  • Chef's hat LE CHEF: simple design, made of paper with integrated sweatband

The materials - a quick selection guide for chef's hats

Disposable chef's hats are usually made from one of the following four materials:

  • Embossed chef's hats: very cheap and easy to recommend for short wear
  • Crepe paper chef's hats: very light and breathable, more absorbent and more supple than paper chef's caps
  • Hats made of absorbent paper: special paper made by Franz Mensch, particularly absorbent, will last even when it is gets wet, ideal for the hot kitchen, works like an absorbent headband
  • Viscose nonwoven chef's hats: The luxury design under the chef's hats, textile quality, feels almost like fabric, very elegant, for high standards, very absorbent and high quality

Excursus: The History of the Chef's Hat

The Frenchman Marie-Antoine Carême is considered the inventor of the chef's hat. At first, it was customary in the kitchen to wear a white bonnet in the form of a balloon, which hung limp on its head. When Carême cooked the Congress of Vienna in 1821, he found that his cap was not light enough. So he stabilized the inside of the cap with a stiff paper ring and the chef's hat stood straight up like a chimney. The present form of the chef's hat was invented.

Even today, the chef's hat "crowns" the chef and has to convince both visually and practically.

Franz Mensch has been a specialist in disposable chef's hats for over 40 years. Benefit from this expertise and order your chef's hats and other headgear at Franz Mensch. Our team will be happy to advise you and prepare you an individual offer. Simply call +49 8241 / 9633-0 or write an e-mail to verkauf@franz-mensch.de.