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For more information on disposable and washable headgear

Franz Mensch Headgear is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. In manufacturing, we attach great importance to the quality of the materials used. They are skin-friendly and pollutant-free. Incorporated rubber bands are latex free.

Disposable headgear in the catering and food industry according to the requirements of the HACCP.

Clearly, nobody could find hair in the soup. Headgear not only protects the hair of the user, but also prevents hair from falling where it does not go.
Franz Mensch Chefs hat and forage caps are indispensable in the catering, food and groceries sectors. Cooking mats are made of viscose nonwoven, stamped and unimpaired paper, special crepe paper, open or laid. They are fully adjustable and very absorbent, especially the EUROPA cooking mats made of special absorbent paper. Headgear by Franz Mensch are characterized by a very good fit, breathability, dimensional stability and a great look and make you guaranteed to be a star in the kitchen and in the banquet.

In addition to the classic color white, also in the trendy color black (with sweat band, therefore no Abfo ralben)! Shuttles are ideal for the service, catering, kitchen and food industries and are available in different versions: made of special crepe paper, pressed or smooth paper, PP fleece in black (with sweat; band, no discolouration by that!) and white, in the classic boat variant, as a headscarf and sailor's mats. Franz Mensch disposable headgear also includes hoods and shields for various applications: catering, catering, food industry and medicine / care

Hoods (canopy covers, toast caps, shield pads, hairnets) made of PP fleece are air-permeable, light and comfortable, have latex-free rubber edges, are very tear-resistant and solid in many colors There are also detectable headgear, especially for food processing. Viscose hoods are very breathable and temperature regulating, they prevent perspiration and prevent dandruff and hair loss.

Hair nets by Franz Mensch are particularly comfortable to wear. They are extremely light and super elastic. Exclusively at Franz Mensch you also get nylon hair nets, they are particularly air-permeable and almost invisible - in the dispenser box with practical acrylic holder for even more hygiene.

An ideal hygiene protection are nylon hoods with micromesh or honeycomb structure . They are barely sustainable and very light, that pleases your employees and increases motivation and performance. Optimal for the surgical area and hospitals is medical headgear. Hoods, such as Astrohauben and Beret hoods made of PP or viscose, are very skin-friendly, breathable and moisture-repellent. Quite typical for medicine, Franz Mensch offers medical headgear in blue, white and blue and green.

Washable Headgear

Franz Mensch's assortment includes a wide selection of disposable headgear, as well as washable headgear: boules, bandana, club cap, armycap, baseball cap and cotton shield shields ideal for use in large kitchens, bakeries, communal catering and the food industry thanks to their dimensional stability.

Shield caps and hoods, which are very air-permeable and lightweight thanks to power supply, round off the wide range of washable headgear. Also available in the trend color black.

Hygiene for clinic and food production. Here you order high-quality headgear for the areas of medicine, kitchen and service.

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