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Head and face protection

To protect against mechanical effects, a suitable head and face protection is indispensable. Franz Mensch pays particular attention to optimum wearing comfort and maximum safety. Bump caps, respirators, mouth guards, goggles and ear protection provide excellent protection against external influences.

Industrial bump caps protect against skull injuries

Many industrial workplaces are in danger of hurting their heads. Butt caps are a reliable head protection and optimally close the gap between workplaces where no helmets duty is required, but still risk of injury and are therefore an ideal head protection for even more security. Bump caps are part of the personal protective equipment (PSA / EN 812) and are used depending on the risk situation. It is easy to clean from plastic and is used, for example, in the food industry. In the Franz Mensch range you will also find sportier models that are inspired by the design of baseball caps. Under the textile cap, a plastic shell ensures the desired damping and penetration resistance. The longer shade is used as a glare protection when working outdoors.

Respiratory masks - burden workers as little as possible

To protect against solid and liquid aerosols and particles, respirators, with or without a breathing valve, are an ideal solution for many occupational fields. Maximum comfort and excellent test results guarantee you the best face protection. Soft bands and flexible nose clips always ensure a secure fit. Depending on the filter fund, FFP 1, FFP 2 and FFP 3, the half masks are suitable for lower to higher risks.

Mouth guards or filtering half masks must fulfill the requirements for solid and liquid aerosols according to EN 149. Bacteria and germs effectively protect surgical masks. These mouthguard models meet the requirements of standard EN 14683 for the filter class type II and thus ensure a quality standard for the protection of patients and personnel from germ transmission. They have an optimum filter performance of more than 99%. Franz Mensch offers 1 to 3-layer surgical masks. A particularly innovative model is the mouthguard with activated carbon filter. This face shield filters unpleasant odors, which has proven especially for dental practices.

Hearing protection is mandatory in many industries

Hearing protectors are also part of the PSA, protect the hearing from (permanent) noise and prevent such a hearing loss or prevent it from getting worse in the long term. Earmuffs and earplugs generally absorb the noise equally well. Employers must provide their associates with adequate ear defenders at noise levels greater than 80 decibels / dB (A). This applies, for example, to workers in the light and utility industry, bar staff and public sector employees.

At Franz Mensch you will find the right head protection gem. the EN 352 (hearing protection): plugs and ear muffs, also detectable for the food industry.