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Disposable overshoes for hygienic areas

Hygienic disposable overshoes are ideal for the food industry, the medical sector but also for industry and crafts. Overshoes reliably prevent soiling. Frequent areas of application are hospitals, building cleaning, painters, installers, food technicians, cooks, visitors, construction workers, logisticians, service staff, salesmen, clean rooms. Overshoes are simply worn over the street shoes. This keeps dirt and dust out and hygiene-sensitive areas stay clean.

At Franz Mensch you will find a wide range of disposable overshoes and disposable boots in various sizes, materials and colors. With us you will find exactly the overshoe that suits your needs.

Particular in the food industry, detectable disposable overshoes are used . Due to an integrated metal strip on the inside, the overshoe could be detected by detector machines, thus ensuring a high degree of safety in food production.

Some of the overshoes / overboots are particularly suitable for use in slippery and smooth areas with their highly slip-resistant soles. A special anti-slip sole ensures a safe appearance.

Your advantages, if you use disposable overshoes:

  • especially hygienic
  • no pollution due to street shoes
  • quick solution for visitors in sanitary areas
  • Can be combined with shoe covers

The most common materials for disposable overshoes

PE (polyethylene) - smooth, waterproof, high durability, tear resistant
Overshoes made of PE are particularly favorable and keep your feet nice and dry even in wet environments.

CPE (cast polyethylene) - particularly resistant to abrasion and strong
Overshoes with CPE sole are extremely robust and slip-resistant - very high quality!

PP (polypropylene) - breathable, soft and fabric-like
Overshoes made of PP are particularly comfortable because they are breathable, ideal for dry areas.