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Everything for the feet! - Professional foot protection

Safety and occupational shoes prevent slips, bruises, etc.

Safety shoes and occupational shoes play an important role in order to be able to provide you with optimum foot protection even in everyday working life. Depending on the work and degree of danger, safety and occupational shoes with or without a steel cap are used. Safety shoes with steel caps are even mandatory for storage work. In the Franz Mensch range you will find foot protection for men and women. Franz Mensch also offers you cheap disposable and reusable socks so that your shoes do not push

Since we walk our feet all our lives, when buying foot protection, make sure your shoes are light and comfortable, especially when it comes to work and safety shoes. So unpleasant pressure points can be avoided. At Franz Mensch you will find a wide selection of comfortable and modern foot protection in the form of low shoes, clogs and boots, according to the protection categories DIN EN ISO 20345 (safety shoes with toe cap) / DIN EN ISO 20347 (professional shoes without toe cap), with shock absorption, high elasticity, low weight, non-slip and antistatic sole profile.

Disposable overshoes are designed to prevent footwear contamination

HACCP requires them, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recommends them and for clean rooms they are required: disposable overshoes or overshoes. The wearing of overshoes and overshoes serves both to protect sensitive floor coverings and to protect a worker from various hazards and from dirt. At Franz Mensch you will find a large selection of disposable overshoes: from very cheap overshoes to high-quality overshoes, with a non-slip sole for a particularly secure footing on very smooth floor coverings to overshoes that protect workers from dangerous liquids and also against pathogens. Such overshoes are often used in cleanrooms, laboratories, in the chemical industry and in the medical field.

shoe cover machine

Often, putting on overshoes is annoying and quickly becomes a balancing act. Overshoes make it much easier for your visitors to wear overshoes. The user places his foot in the machine on the open shoe and when pulling the foot back, the shoe fits perfectly on the foot. The overshoes can be slipped over easily and without bending over and your visitors will always have a safe and stable stand. Overshoe vending machines are very fast, hygienic and inexpensive. Franz Mensch has both electric and energy-efficient models without power and a large selection of suitable overshoes.

Browse Franz Mensch's Online Shop for your desired foot protection. You will definitely find it. Overshoes, safety shoes and disposable socks for food industry, clinic, laboratory and visitors. Here you can buy foot protection products favorably.