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Hygiene clothing and protection for the body

Disposable clothing and hygienic work clothing are among the core competences of Franz Mensch. For many years, we have been supplying trade and industry with high-quality clothing for everyday working life. The huge assortment ranges from practical disposable clothing to washable HACCP clothing to solid bib aprons and fabric aprons for multiple use. In short, when it comes to workwear, sanitary clothing or protective clothing, you're in the right place.

High wearing comfort, a very good fit, tested materials and not least a very favorable price characterize the Franz-Mensch clothing. Pay attention to these criteria when making your purchase. Your employees, who need to wear protective clothing every day, will appreciate this good quality.

Hygienic clothing for the food industry

Anyone looking for cheap clothing for working with food is exactly what Franz Mensch is looking for. Here in the online shop you will find aprons, smocks, jackets and trousers, which have proven themselves in the food industry for many years. Innovative apparel novelties complete the range. Workwear for the food industry does not just mean body protection. The clothing must also be the same product. protect food from contamination. Therefore, the hygienic clothing of Franz Mensch is HACCP-suitable and in many cases even food-safe and specially tested for handling food.

Food-safe disposable clothing:

  • PE Aprons
  • HDPE Apron
  • Bib apron EVA
  • LDPE all-round apron EVA
  • fixed bib aprons
  • Protection sleeve
  • Visitor Visitor Kits: 4-piece set with gown, hood, mask and overshoes

Special tip for the food industry: washable HACCP clothing

Hygienic clothing for the gastronomy

In the kitchen and service, hygiene and a clean appearance play a very important role. Also in the catering industry, the garments must have double benefits: they must keep the underlying clothing clean and even more importantly protect the food from contamination.

Bestseller for the gastronomy:

  • Cloth aprons
  • Bistro aprons made of fabric
  • PU aprons - especially for the scullery
  • transparent PE bib apron for a well-groomed look
  • PU aprons - especially for the scullery
  • Protection sleeve

Protective clothing for medicine and care

Protection against infection and cross-contamination is a top priority in medicine and patient care. Therefore, there are special disposable garments for the medical sector which are liquid-tight for surgical areas and can be sterilized if necessary.

Very important from the point of view of the staff: high wearing comfort, breathable, soft materials and a reliable protection against contamination. Franz Mensch clothing fulfills these requirements and also offers the right protective clothing for your needs.

Medical recommendations:

  • Surgical gown made of PP
  • SMMS-Apparel: Top and pants can be combined individually or as a set
  • PP-coat DUO - extremely economical
  • Protection kits against MRSA: 5-piece set for protective clothing from head to toe
  • Protection kits against viruses: 7-piece set incl. garbage bag

Protective clothing for industry and craft

Protective clothing has a lot to offer in the craft and industrial sectors. The spectrum ranges from simple protection against dirt and moisture to protection against serious damage to health, eg. B. by chemicals. Workwear is in many cases personal protective equipment (PPE) and must meet legal standards. At Franz Mensch you will find overalls, tops and trousers of proven quality that provide reliable protection for the body.

Bestsellers for Industry and Craft:

  • Jacket and Pants MIKRO, Type 4 + 5 + 6
  • Overall PP
  • Overall SMS, Type 5 + 6
  • Overall Micro Plus, Type 4 + 5 + 6

That's what customers appreciate about Franz Mensch clothing

  • excellent materials
  • tested quality
  • wide range of colors and sizes
  • innovative products that really make everyday work easier
  • a low price