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Protective Clothing by Franz Mensch

There are many sectors where functional and reliable protective clothing and hygienic clothing are indispensable. Only if all safety and hygiene requirements are met is it possible to work absolutely safely and hygienically at all times. For industry & trade as well as for gastronomy and catering businesses, the hotel sector, the food industry, the medical sector as well as nursing care, Franz Mensch offers high-quality protective clothing and hygienic clothing at a good price. Our protective clothing and hygienic clothing range covers common professional clothing and work clothes as well as personal protective clothing (PPE) and lets you choose between disposable or reusable versions.

Protective Clothing and PPE

Professional and trade associations require all kinds of occupational protective clothing, depending on the job. First and foremost in industry & trade, but also in the food sector and in the medical sector protective clothing is used. This term refers to special clothing that protects from the risks which are associated with a certain activity (89/686 EEC). There are numerous safety hazards, therefore there is also a multitude of protective clothing: Protective respirator masks, helmets, goggles, ear protectors, special coveralls with CAT 3 certification, safety shoes and a lot more – all to ensure the employees’ safety.

Protective Clothing and Hygiene

A number of different laws comprise hygiene regulations which stipulate that hygienic protective clothing be worn, particularly in food production and in the grocery business, but also in medical and chemical laboratories. In these sectors the demands on personnel hygiene are just as strict as the standards required of the hygiene products themselves. Franz Mensch products conform to the HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), where the safety of all foodstuffs is paramount in order to avoid contamination of the products.

Headwear, head and face protection, body protection, foot protection, product protection and much more are made of top-quality materials and thereby meet the highest standards. Here you can find a wide choice of protective clothing that ranges from certified articles, such as face masks that correspond to the European DIN-EN standard, to cheaper versions for a lower level of protection. To protect against dirt, or for food production, coveralls, oversleeves and overshoes offer a high degree of hygiene and safety. All hygiene products, chef’s hats, caps, hair nets, beard masks, astronaut caps, face masks, oversleeves, coats, coveralls, overshoes are suitable for single use only in order to guarantee an optimum of hygienic safety. After use, these pieces of clothing can simply be disposed of. Overshoe Machines use the product range on offer in our online shop in order to satisfy your protective clothing needs.

Protective Clothing for the Medical Sector

Professional protective clothing and personnel hygiene are extremely important for medical care providers. Occupational clothing for doctors, nurses, and caregivers has to be functional as well as hygienic and safe. Franz Mensch offers a wide variety of disposable protective clothing for professional uses: Coats, aprons, caps, overshoes, disposable surgical clothing, two-piece occupational clothing for hospital staff, patient coats, patient underwear, coats for laboratories and for doctor’s offices.

Protective Clothing and Protection Kits

One of the measures which have proven to be most effective in the fight against viruses and bacteria is to wear a protection kit. Protection kits are always within easy reach and offer optimum protection from head to toe. By wearing a virus protection kit, for example, the user is completely equipped with everything he needs: a protective coverall, hand and foot protection as well as face protection. Protection kits are an essential part of the wearer’s personal protective equipment (PPE) and are used mainly to prevent and protect from infections and epidemics such as MRSA, norovirus, bird flu / avian influenza, and Ebola. Furthermore, visitor kits which are purpose-made to fulfill the requirements on visitors in industry, the food sector and the medical sector are available via the Franz Mensch online shop.

Washable Protective Clothing

There is a vast range of textile products available from Franz Mensch for gastronomy and the food sector, for example bistro aprons in various colours, waist aprons or bib aprons, chef’s hats, caps, forage hats, army caps, caps with visors, net caps, hair nets, baseball caps ... All products are sturdy and easy-care. Depending on the material’s composition and the colour you can wash the protective clothing very hygienically. The products retain their shape beautifully, thanks to high-quality cotton and sturdy blended fabrics.