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Printing and embroidery

Printing and embroidery – Leave a positive impression!

Bedrucken und Besticken | Franz Mensch

Personalized products with you logo and your name! Keep yourself present in your customers mind by highly visible advertisement - favourable, memorable and strongly attention.

Ideal for hotels, caterer, casinos, canteens, wellness area, kitchens, service- and reception personnel.

Chef hats from 500 pcs.
Forage hats from 5.000 pcs.
peaked caps from 10.000 pcs.
Baseball caps from 500 pcs.
Aprons from 1.000 pcs.
Coats from 1.000 pcs.
Overalls from 1.000 pcs.
Drinking cups from 50.000 pcs.
Tooth pics from 1 Mio. pcs.
Laundry bags from 2.500 pcs.
Bags from 5.000 pcs.
Slipper from 1.000 pcs.
Disposable clothes from 500 pcs.
catchball-System from 250 pcs.



Baseball caps  
Disposable clothes  

Request your prices for printing and embroidery - also samples! Single- or fullcolour printing/embroidery, depending on the article. Offer on demand!