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Our Headquarter

Buchloe in Ostallgäu has been the new home of Franz Mensch GmbH since September 2017

The strong growth of previous years has meant that Franz Mensch, with its headquarters in Eresing, has reached its limits in terms of space. In order to be able to meet the increasing demand of customers in the future, the management decided to expand geographically.

The available construction area in Buchloe seemed ideal to be well prepared for the future. This leaves room for further growth and has a very good infrastructure connection due to its direct location on the A96.

The data and facts about construction planning:

  • Location: Buchloe, Gewerbegebiet Nordwest, Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 2
  • Investment: approx. 21 Millionen Euro
  • Lot size: approx. 50.000 m²
  • Building:  Offices with approx. 2.950 m², warehouse with approx. 5.300 m², automated high-bay warehouses with approx. 5.600 m² and approx. 25 m height
  • Palett storage area: approx. 44.000 CCG1 pallets
  • Jobs: starting the new construction approx. 100 employees, in 2018 we have grown up to 120 employees, the first construction phase offers room for approx. 200 employees

Within just two years, the plan became reality:

  • 13.10.2017: Inauguration ceremony of the new building and official opening
  • 11.09.2017: Relocation of the offices. All Franz Mensch employees have now arrived in Buchloe!
  • July 2017: Order picking and dispatch from Buchloe (parallel operation with Eresing)
  • May / June 2017: Gradual commissioning of the warehouse in Buchloe
  • March 2017: Completion of the high-bay warehouse
  • December 2016: Start of steel construction
  • October 2016: Start of building construction
  • July 2016: Start of earthworks
  • 03.06.2016: Ground-breaking ceremony
  • 04.02.2016: Issue of the building permit
  • Dec 21, 2015: Input of open space planning & drainage planning at Gemeinde Buchloe
  • 18.12.2015: Completion of the development by the city of Buchloe
  • 15.12.2015: Statutory resolution on the development plan
  • 29.09.2015: The agreement of the city Buchloe is granted by decision in a public meeting
  • 25.09.2015: Entry of the building application

The special focus: A sustainable construction method as well as specially produced green electricity through a photovoltaic system

Franz Mensch attaches great importance to sustainability and environmental protection. Therefore, it was clear that the new headquarters should be built sustainably. The 1,500 m² photovoltaic system on the roof of the logistics hall also covers almost the entire power requirement of the company. The remaining electricity is drawn from 100% natural power from Stadtwerke Fürstenfeldbruck (Certificate natural power).

Pictures and videos are worth a thousand words ...

From the earthworks to the completion of the impressively beautiful interiors: in the video, Managing Director Achim Theiler shows exciting details about the new building and the strong new high-bay warehouse (in German).



Press releases (in German)

Sep 2018: Vorstellung des vollautomatischen Hochregallagers in der Buchloer Zeitung.
Apr 2018: Pressebericht in der Fachzeitschrift LOGISTIK HEUTE: "Extralang für alle Fälle"
Mrz 2018: Video-Interview mit der Fachzeitschrift LOGISTIK HEUTE, "Warum Hygieneartikel ein Lager in Überlänge brauchen"
Jan 2018: Pressebericht: Gewaltige Dimensionen - Neubau einer Lagerhalle und eines Bürogebäudes
Dez 2017: Pressebericht: Im Gespräch mit Achim Theiler
Okt 2017: Pressemitteilung: Leistungsstarker Neubau der Franz Mensch GmbH
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Promotion and support:

We received support from the Free State of Bavaria and the European Union:Foerderung_EU_bayern_Neubau_Buchloe_Franz_Mensch_gross   Europaeische-Union_Foerderhinweis

We also thank the municipality of Buchloe, which has fully supported our project at all times!

Contact for press inquiries:

Christine Schricker
Tel.: +49 8241 9633-254
E-Mail: christine.schricker@franz-mensch.de