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Mob caps Light | PP

Mob caps Light | PP

  • the standard bonnet at a top price
  • air-permeable PP fleece
  • pleasantly light and comfortable
  • 10 colours and different sizes to choose from
  • price advantage: machine-made
  • skin-friendly, soft

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Mob caps Eco | PP
Mob caps Eco made of PP by Hygonorm These mob caps are particularly inexpensive as an eco variant. They are machine-made and consist of a light PP material. The PP is made of air-permeable fleece and is comfortable to wear. The integrated elastic band ensures a good fit and is of course latex-free. The Eco mob caps are food-safe and can therefore be used universally for food production and other hygiene areas. Properties of the mob caps Eco at a glance: brethable, lightweight PP fleece pleasant wearing sensation machine-made suitable for contact with food protection against low superficial mechanical risks
Mob caps | PP
Mob caps made of PP by Hygostar These mob caps are premium. They are made of very high-quality, pure PP fleece. The material is soft and brethable, so that the caps are always comfortable to wear. The mob caps are machine-made and approved for food areas. In addition, they can be used as disposable headwear for hospital, nursing and other hygiene sectors. The latex-free elastic band is soft and provides a good grip.  Features of the mob caps at a glance: high-quality fleece made of PP (polypropylene) air-permeable and very comfortable for everyday work food-safe high-quality packed in dispenser box protection against low superficial mechanical risks
Peaked snood caps Eco | PP
Peaked snood caps Eco made of PP by Hygonorm The peaked caps with hairnet Eco are a very light and inexpensive headgear for food areas. The peaked caps are ideal for short wearing times and when bonnets are changed frequently. As disposable bonnets, they prevent contamination of food by hair. Your advantage: The Eco peaked caps have a sewn-on hair net in the neck that reliably covers even long hair. Use the peaked caps with hair net Eco as hygienic headgear in bakeries, large kitchens, communal catering, the food industry, canteens and food outlets. The peaked caps give protection against minor superficial mechanical risks. Features of the peaked snood caps Eco at a glance: light PP fleece with sewn-on shield and hair net at the neck very breathable and comfortable to wear latex-free elastic band food safe hygienic head covering, prevents contamination of food by hair protection against minor superficial mechanical risks
Peaked snood caps | PP
Peaked snood caps made of PP by Hygostar These disposable caps have a sewn-on peak and a hair net at the neck. The peaked caps are therefore ideal for employees with long hair, as it can be safely tucked away. The peaked caps with hairnet are an ideal headwear for bakeries, commercial kitchens, communal catering, food industry, canteens and food outlets. They are made of strong, high quality PP fleece. The material is air permeable, soft and overall very comfortable to wear.  Features of the peaked snood caps at glance: Hair net in the neck ideal for long hair soft PP fleece, strong quality air-permeable and comfortable latex-free elastic band suitable for working with food packed in a dispenser box, with removal opening protection against low superficial mechanical risks 
Peaked caps | PP
Peaked caps made of PP by Hygostar Peaked caps made of PP fleece are a versatile head covering for food areas. They cover the head and hair, preventing food contamination by hair. The peaked caps are used, for example, in bakeries, commercial kitchens, communal catering, food industry, canteens and food distribution. The disposable caps are made of strong and high-quality PP fleece. The material is breathable, soft and comfortable to wear at all times. Features of the peaked caps at a glance: food-safe soft PP fleece, strong quality comfortable and air-permeable with sewn-on shield latex-free packed in dispenser box with removal opening also available with hairnet
Sailors caps | PP
Sailors caps made of PP by Hygostar The sailor caps are a hygienic headwear for catering, kitchens and other hygiene areas. The caps are a fashionable alternative to hoods or classic chef's hats. They are made of double-layered, soft PP fleece and are therefore very absorbent. The soft, breathable fleece makes them comfortable to wear. Features of the sailors caps at a glance: air-permeable PP fleece double layer and high quality absorbent material, keeps the forehead dry foldable waistband protection against low superficial mechanical risks
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Beard cover Eco | PP
Beard cover Eco made of PP by Hygonorm The beard cover Eco made of PP fleece is a favourable variant and ideal for short wearing times. The beard cover is made of lightweight PP material and is very permeable to air. It provides more safety in sensitive hygiene areas, as it reliably covers the beard hairs. The Eco beard cover is especially recommended for the food industry and kitchens. Features of the beard cover Eco at a glance: air-permeable and light light fleece made of PP latex-free rubber bands suitable for food areas protection against low superficial mechanical risks
Face masks Civil Use, 1-ply | paper
Face masks Civil Use, 1-ply made of paper by Hygonorm The Civil Use 1-ply face mask is made of tissue. Tissue is a lightweight, air-permeable paper and very comfortable to wear in everyday life. The Civil Use face mask is a very affordable face mask that hygienically covers the mouth and nose. The masks are ideal for cosmetic areas and beauty treatments. Features of the face masks Civil Use, 1-ply at a glance: 1-ply tissue material inexpensive and ideal for high consumption latex-free, soft ear loops very comfortable and easy to wear for single use
Visitor gowns Light with push buttons | PP
Visitor gowns Light with push buttons made of PP by Hygonorm These disposable fleece gowns are among the most popular gowns at Franz Mensch. They are universally applicable for visitors or staff and are simply worn over normal clothing. The PP visitor gowns are food-safe and ideal for sensitive areas in food production, gastronomy and industry. The visitor gowns Light are made of air-permeable PP fleece and are very pleasantly light to wear. They can be closed at the front with push buttons and are equipped with latex-free elastic bands at the wrists for a good hold. The disposable gowns are available in many sizes and colours and are ideal for colour-coding different hygiene areas. With a hygiene colour system, you visually separate work areas and avoid cross-contamination: 1 colour = 1 area, e.g. blue disposable gowns for visitors, white gowns for staff, yellow gowns for cleaning staff, etc. Your advantage at Franz Mensch: Here you buy visitor gowns made of non-woven directly from the manufacturer and benefit from very attractive prices - also large quantities available. Hygiene with colour system: PE aprons in blue, yellow, red, black and much more Blue and white disposable aprons are available everywhere. But at Franz Mensch you can also get green, yellow, black and red disposable aprons. The many colours are ideal for using a hygiene colour system: 1 area = 1 colour. With coloured hygiene clothing you visually separate different work areas from each other. The system is simple and effective. Cross-contamination is prevented.   PE-disposable aprons on roll (art.-no. 23170) Nitrile gloves Safe Light (art.-no. 27059) Oversleeves Light PE (art.-no. 28209) Overshoes CPE (art.-no. 28500)   Matching dispensers and wall holders for disposable gown: art.-no. 88950: Double dispenser for disposable clothing made of acrylic art.-no. 88938: Dispenser for coats and overalls made of stainless steel Features of the visitor gowns Light with push buttons at a glance: PP fleece, air permeable and easy to wear with push buttons and stand-up collar arm closure with latex-free elastic bands food safe wide choice: 5 colours and up to 6 sizes protection against low superficial mechanical risks favorable manufacturer prices individually and hygienically packed in PE bag
top seller
Disposable aprons approx. 12 my | HDPE
Disposable aprons in bag, approx. 12my made of HDPE by Hygonorm This apron is made of a 12my thick, embossed HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and is very light. Due to the high density, the apron is particularly resistant to abrasion and is also resistant to cold and heat. Compared to other materials used for aprons, HDPE is characterized by the particularly strong quality despite the low material thickness. This makes the disposable apron particularly favourable and economical. The apron is ideal for use in the food industry, as it is suitable for contact with food and can also be used in many other hygiene areas. Features of the disposable apron in bay, 12my at a glance: made of embossed HDPE - particularly favourable and economical packed in a bag abrasion resistant thanks to high density food safe - ideal for the food industry resistant to both cold and heat
Overshoes Eco | CPE
Overshoes Eco made of CPE by Hygonorm The Eco disposable overshoes are particularly economical. They are made of very light cast polyethylene. The material is water-repellent and protects against low superficial mechanical risks. The overshoes are often used in the food industry. The overshoes Eco are also highly recommended for areas where overshoes are worn only briefly or need to be changed frequently. Features of the overshoes Eco at a glance: lightweight cast polyethylene water-repellent, food-safe with elastic band at the end of the shaft for a good grip protection against low superficial mechanical risks

Mob caps Light made of PP by Hygonorm

PP clip-on bonnets are standard when it comes to hygienic disposable clothing. The PP disposable bonnets can be used universally in all hygiene areas. Buy your clip-on bonnets directly from the manufacturer Franz Mensch and benefit from very favourable prices here. Another advantage: Franz Mensch bonnets are solid, practical and have proven themselves on the market for almost 30 years. Nothing presses here, nothing tears here - ideal for professional areas where bonnets are used every day.

Clip-on bonnets Light are especially often worn as hygienic headgear in the food industry or in industry. Disposable bonnets made of PP reliably cover the head and hair and thus prevent contamination. The clip-on bonnets are suitable for both employees and visitors in hygiene-sensitive areas.

The clip-on bonnets Light are made of air-permeable, lightweight PP fleece. Even when worn for a long time or frequently, the scalp can breathe and the bonnet feels pleasantly light. In the Light version, the bonnets are machine-made and therefore very attractively priced - ideal for a high demand or if the bonnets are changed frequently.

Features of the mob caps at a glance:

  • most popular disposable bonnet at Franz Mensch
  • Top seller
  • inexpensive and machine-made
  • made of light PP fleece, air-permeable
  • comfortable to wear
  • food safe
  • latex-free elastic band
  • protection against minor superficial mechanical risks
  • wide range of colours, sizes and types of packaging
  • dispenser box or pouch
  • ideal for staff and visitors in hygienic areas
Simply more: clip-on bonnets in many colours, sizes and packagings

As a manufacturer with decades of experience, Franz Mensch offers you more than just two or three variants. With the clip-on bonnet Light, you have the choice between 10 colours, 3 different diameters and 2 packaging variants (bag or dispenser box).

Blue, white, red, yellow: clip-on bonnets with colour system

Coloured clip-on bonnets are ideal for identifying different hygiene areas within a colour system (e.g. red = visitor, blue = staff member, yellow = cleaner). Use coloured disposable clothing specifically to easily avoid cross-contamination. At Franz Mensch you will find a complete range for your hygiene colour system.

  • PE-disposable aprons on roll (art.-no. 23170)
  • Nitrile gloves Safe Light (art.-no. 27059)
  • Oversleeves Light PE (art.-no. 28209)
  • Overshoes CPE (art.-no. 28500)

Functional range

food industry and hygiene sectors


Type of inner packaging: cardboard
Type of outer packaging: cardboard
material: PP

Certifications / Standards

CE PSA VO (EU) 2016-425
CAT 1 - Personal protective equipment category 1
food safe

Overview all norms of Mob caps Light | PP


Download all documents for your product here:

Declaration of conformity for food safety
Declaration of conformity for personal protective equipment
Technical data sheet

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Questions & Answers

Here we have summarized the most frequently asked questions and answers about this product. If you still have questions about the product or our online store and its use, please take a look at the FAQ's or contact us directly via e-mail or telephone - we will be happy to advise you!

Hygiene with colour system: 1 colour = 1 area
With coloured disposable clothing and work tools, you can achieve excellent differentiation between different hygiene areas. With a hygiene colour system in your business, you can easily avoid cross-contamination.
How it works:
  • Assign a specific colour to each hygiene zone, for example red for visitors, blue for staff and yellow for cleaning staff.
  • Introduce coloured disposable clothing in your establishment so that different areas are immediately and clearly visually distinguishable.
  • The DGfdB suggests the following colours for labelling cleaning equipment (such as wipes): Red for WC bowls, urinals and immediately adjacent tiles; Yellow for the rest of the sanitary area and sanitary equipment; Blue for other equipment and fixtures; Green for use in the kitchen area. 

TIP: Always use fresh disposables to minimise the risk of germ transmission within an area. At Franz Mensch you will find a complete range for your hygiene colour system.
Workwear must comply with all hygiene regulations - keyword HACCP. This is the only way to reliably protect employees and customers. Which workwear is important in the kitchen Franz Mensch's recommendation: headwear, gloves and body protection made from disposable materials and comfortable, hard-wearing work shoes. Franz Mensch GmbH has been supplying many canteens and commercial kitchens in Germany and Europe with disposable clothing for hygiene protection since 1972 - from professionals for professionals. In recent years, disposable protective clothing has developed significantly. The materials used are highly functional and superior to many other fabrics in terms of hygiene. For the strict rules of the HACCP guideline or the IFS, chefs are on the safe side with disposable clothing.

 5 good reasons for disposable clothing 
1. easy to handle and pleasantly light to wear, simply worn over normal clothing
 2. inexpensive and economical: you save on time-consuming washing, starching, ironing and replacing clothing 
3. environmentally friendly, as no detergent or water is used and many materials are recyclable
 4. better tolerated by allergy-prone employees, as there are no detergent residues
 5. always hygienically perfect and therefore absolutely safe even for problematic work
Protection against infection is a top priority in hospitals and care settings. Hygienic head protection is essential here. Franz Mensch hoods made of PP fleece or viscose offer reliable protection and are hygienically leak-proof. PP and viscose: experts recommend these materials Disposable viscose hoods have a temperature-regulating effect and are therefore very comfortable. The viscose hoods from HYGOSTAR ensure less sweating and a pleasant head climate. 
Franz Mensch also offers cheaper alternatives made of PP (polypropylene). PP is a plastic that is processed into a fine, air-permeable fleece. Whether viscose or PP, both materials are very skin-friendly and well tolerated. Avoid cross-contamination: 
Hygiene with a color system
 A simple but effective way to prevent cross-contamination is to use colored disposable clothing. Each color corresponds to a work area. The clip-on hood made of PP fleece from HYGONORM is available in ten different colors.
You can find a selection guide here.
PP is the abbreviation for polypropylene, the standard material for protective clothing and disposable products. Usually, this synthetic fiber is processed into a soft nonwoven, which is then used to make a textile-like fabric. PP nonwoven is permeable to air, very economical, comfortable, and even provides slight protection against liquids because splashes simply roll off.
Matching accessories
Multidispenser for caps, oversleeves and overshoes | stainless steel
Multidispenser for caps, oversleeves and overshoes made of stainless steel by Hygostar The wall holder is a real multi-talent. It can be customised with loose disposable clothing. Whether overshoes, caps or sleeve covers: the multi-purpose dispenser stores consumables safely and hygienically. The dispenser is made of stainless steel and is easy to fill via the top lid. The front consists of a transparent Plexiglas window. This allows you to see at a glance what is in the dispenser and what the fill level is. The front also has a removal opening so that the clothing can be removed individually and kept ready to hand at all times. The multi-dispenser is suitable for use in hygiene areas or changing rooms in the food industry, catering, industry and medicine.   Advantages of the Multidispenser made of stainless steel at a glance: hygienic stainless steel dispenser for disposable clothing can be filled as required with caps, sleeve protectors or overshoes transparent plexiglass front fill level and contents visible at all times with removal opening
Dispenser for caps | stainless steel
Dispenser for caps made of stainless steel by Hygostar This wall holder is ideal for clip caps, bouffant caps and all other types of disposable caps. The bonnets can be filled loosely into the dispenser via the top lid and remain hygienically stored until use. The dispenser is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a particularly suitable material for hygienic areas because it is very easy to clean and disinfect. The removal opening with the rubber rim makes it easy to pull out the bonnets. The opening measures approx. 26 cm x 4 cm.   Advantages of the dispenser for caps made of stainless steel at a glance: wall holder for all types of loose caps made of stainless steel can be filled as required via the top lid rubberised removal opening on the front
Double dispenser for disposable clothing "Double" | Acrylic
Double dispenser for disposable clothing "Double" | Acrylic This model is a real multidispenser. It can be used for bonnets, protective sleeves, gowns but also for overalls. The inclined lid helps to remove the products quickly, as the contents slide forward. Properties of double dispenser for disposable clothing "double" at a glance: Acryl, robust lid made of PET individually divisible by partition wall, 3 positions inclined lid prevents dust deposit quick removal thanks to inclined bottom, content slides to the front
Bulk dispenser Smart | stainless steel
Bulk dispenser Smart made of stainless steel from Hygostar The bulk dispenser Smart is an easy-to-clean housing for fast dispensing of small parts. On the front side is an opening for simple distributing of the contents, which can be e.g. earplugs, clip-on hoods or various other small objects. The features of the bulk dispenser Smart made of stainless steel: easy to clean front opening for removal fillable with e.g. earplugs or clip-on hoods
Multi-Dispenser | Acrylic
Acrylic multidispenser from Hygostar This multidispenser is perfect for disposable gloves, hoods, overshoes and also sleeve protectors. You can store versatile all your loose hygiene clothing in this dispenser. This keeps them hygienically stored and always at hand for employees or visitors in your business. The multidispenser is made of transparent, shatterproof acrylic glass, so you can always see the contents and fill level. Acrylic is a plastic that is much lighter and more robust compared to real glass. The dispenser is simply filled from the top via the lid. The lid made of solid PET is particularly stable and specially designed for daily opening and closing. The technology with the internal hinge allows the flap to close tightly and ensures that the contents remain protected from dirt. Features of the acrylic multidispenser at a glance: consists of acrylic glass unbreakable and light transparent for checking the filling level Opening of the lid facilitates the opening of the lid lid made of PET with internal hinge hygienic storage for all loose gloves, hoods, sleeve protectors, overshoes etc.