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Patient blankets | PES filling, PP Patient blankets | PES filling, PP  
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Disposable blanket "Hygocare Excellent" | with filling Disposable blanket "Hygocare Excellent" | with filling  
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Disposable blanket "Hygocare Standard Plus" | 12-ply Disposable blanket "Hygocare Standard Plus" | 12-ply  
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Disposable blanket "Hygocare Standard" | 6-ply Disposable blanket "Hygocare Standard" | 6-ply  

Disposable blankets for emergency services and patient care

Patient blankets keep a patient warm during patient transport, treatment or surgery. Keeping the body warm with a blanket is an enormously important measure and can save lives under certain circumstances. A good patient blanket prevents a patient's body temperature from dropping. Without a warming patient blanket, this can happen quickly. If the patient lies or sits almost motionless, the body functions only run on low flame and the body temperature drops. Unfortunately, a cooled body is also more susceptible to infections. And in a person who is already ill or injured, an infection can pose a great danger. This is why keeping patients warm is so important. Disposable blankets have proven their worth in this area and are basic equipment in emergency vehicles, care facilities and hospitals. Disposable patient blankets are hygienically clean and also easy to dispose of.

Franz Mensch is a specialist when it comes to disposable products and hygiene. Disposable rescue blankets have been part of the medical range for many years. The proven HYGOCARE patient blanket is available in three different versions:

  • Patient blanket made of spunlace material with polyester filling: This disposable blanket is particularly soft and skin-friendly. The material is also moisture-resistant and breathable. These properties make the patient blanket a very high-quality product with which patients feel comfortable.
  • Patient blanket made of PP with polyester filling: Disposable blankets made of PP are slightly moisture-repellent, breathable and body-friendly. The polyester filling makes this patient blanket particularly nice and warm.
  • PP patient blanket with tissue layers This disposable blanket is very absorbent, breathable and very economical due to the tissue layers. Particularly suitable as a summer blanket.

Tip: Use our selection guide and find your suitable patient blanket.

Areas of application for disposable patient blankets:

  • as a cover for patients in wheelchairs to keep their legs warm
  • during an infusion
  • during dialysis
  • during an operation to keep the body or parts of the body warm
  • as a cover for cold examination tables
  • in paediatrics to keep a baby warm