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Further information on hygienic patient care in nursing homes and hospitals

At Franz Mensch you will find a special range of care products with all important disposable items for patient care - of course in first-class quality. That way, your staff can work efficiently and hygienically, and your patients feel comfortable.

The range of disposable articles for patient care at a glance:

  • Patient underlay: High Quality Incontinence Pads for Patient Beds in Different Designs and Strengths
  • Disposable Bed Linen : disposable pillows, duvet cover and pillow case in soft PP fleece, skin-friendly and very hygienic
  • mattress protection : hygienic elastic bandages, protect the mattress from dirt and moisture, various materials from CPE, SMS or PP fleece available
  • Bed covers : reliable protection for ready-made beds in retirement homes, hospitals or ambulances, made of transparent, waterproof PE < / li>
  • Disposable patient clothing : bib with a collection bag and disposable (colonoscopy)
  • Wash gloves: very soft materials, rubbelfest and lint-free, for a comfortable and hygienic washing of patients in the elderly care and in the hospital

PP fleece, SMS and viscose - the softies among the disposable materials

Since especially skin-friendly and soft materials are required in the field of patient care, disposable items are often made of PP fleece, SMS or viscose.

Polypropylene, PP for short, is a synthetic fiber that, like fabric, can be joined to form a soft fleece. The material looks like woven. The fibers are breathable, skin-friendly and provide light protection against liquids.

The higher quality alternative to PP is SMS. SMS has worked 3-ply. It consists of two layers of PP fleece and a layer of meltblown in between. As a result, SMS has a real textile character and is more robust than the one-ply PP fleece. In addition, SMS material is very breathable and fluid-repellent. SMS products are also comfortable for longer wearing times and provide reliable hygiene protection.

Disposable viscose products are particularly breathable and temperature compensating. Viscose, for example, produces wash gloves in the field of patient care. Viscose is made of regenerated cellulose and is therefore very natural. The material is very light and can absorb and transport liquids to a high degree. Viscose, for example, as a coat or apron creates a pleasant body climate without heat or wet accumulation.