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Integration - a matter of the heart for Franz Mensch


Franz Mensch is actively involved in the integration of refugees in their own company. It is important to us to give new perspectives to people who had to flee war and persecution. These are people who need to start from scratch, who are actively working to shape their lives to build a new and secure future. That's exactly what we want to enable and support refugees. At the same time, it is a great opportunity for us to get to know new perspectives and attitudes from other cultures and to incorporate them into our everyday lives.

Nevertheless, successful integration is also a great challenge and requires a lot of commitment, patience and above all the will to achieve something together from all sides. We give the refugees many opportunities to develop, they also demand and set expectations. Our experience clearly shows: it's worth it!

How refugees start with Franz Mensch

The entry into the company is a three-month internship in the storage area. During this time, it is necessary to get to know another work area per month. These include packing space, goods receipt and goods issue. The internship serves as a test run for both sides. Thus, both we as an employer and the trainee can assess whether further cooperation makes sense and in which areas of work the focus can be set.

After completing the internship, we decide together with the trainee whether an apprenticeship as a warehouse logistics specialist with the subsequent goal of taking on a permanent position is possible.

Franz Mensch always relies on long-term employment. Therefore, our goal is to firmly commit employees after the training.


With respect and enjoyment of the common work.