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Garbage bags, garbage bags and garbage bags - for hygienic disposal

Garbage and the proper storage of garbage until its final disposal is an important issue when it comes to hygiene and health. Often waste is handled too carelessly. After all, it's just "garbage". In particular, waste is a high risk of infection. In particular, food residues and medical waste must be disposed of hygienically so that germs and pathogens do not spread.

At Franz Mensch you can buy garbage bags and garbage bags especially cheaply. The wide selection of different materials and sizes makes a clean and simple waste disposal very easy. The garbage bags are versatile for a variety of wastes, for example:

  • Sanitary waste bags for disposal of paper towels
  • Kitchen garbage bags for disposing of leftover food
  • Waste bags for hospitals and medical practices for the hygienic disposal of wound dressings and other disposable articles from patient care

All garbage bags are characterized by a high material quality. They are made of high quality polyethylene and available at a very reasonable price. Choose between the following materials:

  • HDPE: very strong material with high load capacity, rustling like paper and feels very tight, very reasonably priced
  • LDPE: softer and more elastic than HDPE, extremely tear-resistant
  • Paper: environmentally friendly alternative to plastics, ideal for paper waste or organic waste
  • Organic garbage bags made of corn starch (biofilm): completely biodegradable, very stable and heat resistant

    Especially for the disposal of feminine hygiene products in sanitary rooms: sanitary bags made of LDPE or paper.

Colored garbage bags for a hygiene color system - hygienic and cost-effective

Disposal without waste separation is neither hygienic nor economical. Therefore, the separation of waste is one of the most important measures for a cost-effective and clean disposal. With colored garbage bags and garbage bags you make disposal particularly easy. Each color represents a specific type of waste. An example:

  • blue = paper
  • yellow = plastic waste
  • green = biowaste
  • red = residual waste

Garbage bags and garbage bags for kitchen and food industry

Gastronomy and food production usually involve large amounts of food waste. Here, with proper disposal, it is important to prevent unpleasant odors and the spread of germs. Franz Mensch has a food-safe LDPE waste bin especially for waste disposal in large production lines in the food industry.

Waste bags and garbage bags for medical waste

Waste hygiene in the medical field is a very complex topic. This creates a wide range of different types of waste: from canteen kitchen waste to patient care waste such as dressings, disposable laundry, or sharp objects such as cannulas and syringes. For hospitals and medical practices, there are separate legal regulations for disposal. For example, medical garbage must not be transferred and the garbage bags must be tear-proof and absolutely leak-proof.

Garbage bags in different sizes

At Franz Mensch you can buy all the usual trash bag sizes at a good price. The most popular sizes for garbage bags are:

  • Waste sacks 240 l
  • Waste bags 120 l
  • Waste sacks 60 l
  • Cosmetic simmer bag 10 l