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Disinfectant & Soap - Successful germ stop for hands, surfaces and instruments

Disinfection is about effective germination prevention for 100% hygiene and infection protection. That is also the decisive difference to the cleaning. Cleaning removes dirt and invisible organic material, e.g. Bacteria. A disinfection does not remove the germs, but kills them. The disinfectant destroys the cell walls of pathogens and makes them harmless. With a disinfection so many germs are killed, they no longer infect and therefore can not spread. This is called a germ reduction. Disinfection goes beyond cleaning.

Areas of application: Here disinfection plays an important role

Disinfectants are many different, either very specific or universal. Therefore, there is also a whole range of possible uses. When talking about disinfection, you probably first think of the medical field. For a good reason. In medicine and patient care, disinfectant solutions are particularly heavily used, especially hand disinfection. Nowhere else is infection control as important as in these areas. The spread of germs must be prevented under all circumstances.

But also in other fields of activity where 100% hygiene is required, disinfectants are used, for example in the kitchen, the food industry or industry. There are special disinfectant solutions for working with food that do not affect the food's health.

A strong range of disinfectants - for versatile purposes

Franz Mensch offers various solutions in the field of disinfection. Here is an overview:

  • Hand disinfection: for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection, extremely effective and nourishing skin, does not affect skin flora, but also cares for sensitive hands
  • pre-soaked disinfectant wipes: ready to use, extremely effective, for surfaces, work surfaces or devices
  • Solutions for surface disinfection in medicine and in the food industry: fast acting, for spraying or wiping
  • Disinfection system HYGOWIPE: Premium quality cloth with matching dispenser bucket and lid, can be filled with any solution

Practical tip: How to correctly and effectively disinfect

Whether hands, instruments or surfaces: The disinfectant must reach every angle. Only with a complete wetting you have a reliable germ stop. In addition, the instructions of the manufacturer of the disinfectant solution must be strictly observed. There are important information on the application, exposure time and dosage included. Properly applied, a disinfectant serves its purpose and the infection control is effective.

Practical tip: even more hygiene with the matching wall bracket

With the right dispenser, your disinfectant is hygienically stored and can also be removed hygienically. Tip: The TOUCHLESS dispenser with motion sensor. Without hand contact, the disinfectant is provided in the correct dosage.