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Cleaning & Hygiene products at Franz Mensch

Hygiene and Disinfection

Many health care and industry organizations have their own health rules, but also laws and regulations that must be respected. This is not always easy in the professional life. Good hygiene management is, however, necessary in order to prevent germs and viruses from taking any chances and avoid transfers, thus ensuring personal and company hygiene. Franz Mensch helps you to implement professional and professional hygiene in accordance with HACCP. With fast - acting ready - to - use disinfectants especially for the food industry and the medical sector, as well as the ability to use customized solutions with a modular system, it is possible to cover a wide range of applications from floor to wall and floor surfaces to machines and machines to be cleaned and disinfected. There are ready-to-use high quality disposable paper towels and papers for quick disinfection in between and convenient pre-drained wipers for wiping disinfection and cleaning small surfaces. As a result, they not only avoid long preparatory phases, but also daily dosages of disinfectant concentrates and the use of textile wipers. This saves you time and money and ensures perfect hygiene when used correctly.

Hygiene and cleaning

Highly absorbent and washable tumblers and towels as well as utensils will assist you in your daily cleaning. Scrubbers, brooms and brushes made of plastic are ideal for use in hygiene-sensitive areas, since bacteria can not accumulate here. They withstand high temperatures and become hot after use. cleaned. These sanitary aids are HACCP-compliant and approved for direct contact with food. Safe disposal becomes more important in hygiene management; written. Franz Mensch offers you a wide assortment of polyethylene bags (PE) and sacks. Polyethylene is excellently suited for use as a rubbish bag due to its high temperature stability and ductility as well as its insensitivity to acids, bases, oils and water.

System solutions for skin protection and protection against infection

In terms of occupational hygiene, personal protection of personnel and personal hygiene should not be neglected. Franz Mensch has the solution: Skin protection on schedule. Protect, cleanse and care for your skin with Franz Mensch's certified skin protection program. Matching gloves, hand protection, disinfectants and care creams can be found here in the online shop.

Proper concentration, dosage and application of disinfectant, cleaning and care products are fundamental to the success of hygiene measures. Dispensers such as arm-lever wall dispensers or motion sensors, as well as various dosing units, help to ensure a high level of hygiene and cost-effectiveness and to make it easier for users to implement them.