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Handle brush | PPN, detectable

Handle brush | PPN, detectable

  • detectable bristles made of PBT 0.60 (hard)
  • plastic body made of high-quality and durable PPN
  • heat-resistant up to 134 °C, can be hot cleaned and disinfected
  • sterilizable and autoclavable
  • ergonomic handle for a secure grip in the hand
  • with hanger
  • fill height: 50 mm

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Handle brush made of PPN, detectable from Hygoclean

The handle brush consists of a stable PPN body and 50 mm high PBT plastic bristles. Thanks to its heat-resistant properties up to 134 °C, the handle brush can be hot cleaned and sterilized, for more hygiene in cleaning. The handle is based on the ergonomic model and thus ensures an all-round and reliable hold during use. Practically, the handle brush can also be hung up for easy storage.

The features of the handle brush made of PPN, detectable

  • resistant PPN body
  • 50 mm high PBT bristles
  • heat resistant
  • ergonomic handle
  • hanger


Type of inner packaging: PE
Type of outer packaging: cardboard
material: PPN

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Detectable clothing and work equipment 

Many food companies rely on metal detectors or so-called X-ray detectors to increase their hygiene, safety and quality standards. These machines act like sensory organs that monitor all areas and immediately identify foreign objects should they enter the production process. To ensure detectability, experts recommend the color-coded use of detectable disposable clothing and tools. These detectable items are either provided with metal strips or made from specially detectable materials. This means that items of clothing and their smaller components can be reliably detected by the detectors. On the one hand, detectable products ensure that end consumers receive a hygienically flawless product and, on the other, they help to avoid costly product recalls. At the same time, they protect your production plant from damage caused by foreign bodies - perfect for food production, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics companies and the chemical industry.
 All detectable products from Franz Mensch are marked with a symbol. This allows you to immediately recognize which items are suitable for metal detectors and which are suitable for X-ray detectors. However, many items are suitable for both detector systems. Tip: Request a sample and test on site whether your detector recognizes the product.All detectable products from Franz Mensch can be found online here (link to category page Detectable products) or downloaded here in the flyer (PDF)