Cowhide leather work gloves

Cowhide leather work gloves are the traditional variant among work gloves. The biggest advantage: their long durability. In addition, cowhide leather offers a soft, comfortable feel. Cowhide leather gloves are suitable for rough work and convince with a very good price-performance ratio.

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Work gloves Work | cow split leather
Work gloves Work made of cow split leather The work glove Work is made of cow split leather and is made with double seams. The index finger and thumb are made entirely of leather. The back of the hand shows a canvas material and has an elastic band. This grants the glove mobility and a better fit for the wearer. It also features a canvas protection cuff, which protects both the wrist and the pulse. The work glove is suitable for low risks in rough work and can thus be used for industry, crafts, construction, warehouse, logistics and horticulture. The features of the work glove Work at a glance: made of cow split leather, index finger and thumb completely made of leather back of the hand and protection cuff made of canvas double stitched seams, very robust elastic on back of hand for better fit and mobility protect wrist and pulse for low risks in rough work
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Work gloves Strong | cow full leather
Work gloves Strong made of cow full leather The work glove Strong is made of a cowhide full leather and has a back of the hand made of light canvas. The back of the hand is also equipped with an elastic band, which is why the glove offers a better fit as well as mobility. Both the index finger and the thumb are made entirely of leather. Thanks to a protection cuff, the wearer also gets protection for the wrist and pulse. The Strong work glove can be used mainly for medium risks in mechanical and industrial rough work in the field of industry, crafts and construction industry. The features of the work gloves Strong at a glance: made of full cowhide leather, index finger and thumb completely made of leather back of the hand with elastic for better fit and mobility robust due to seams protection cuff protects knuckles and pulse for medium risks in mechanical and industrial rough work

Cowhide leather work gloves from Franz Mensch

Leather work gloves are the classic for industry, crafts and warehouse. They are robust, durable and reliable as a protection against mechanical hazards. In addition, they convince with a very good price-performance ratio. Also at Franz Mensch you buy leather work gloves cheap and convenient here in the online store. When it comes to the material, we have chosen cowhide leather for the work gloves. Cowhide leather becomes increasingly softer through frequent wear and thus offers a pleasant wearing sensation. In the assortment you will find work gloves made of high-quality and resilient full leather or as a cheaper alternative made of split leather.


Advantages of leather work gloves

If you place particular value on a robust and durable work glove, cowhide leather gloves are the right choice. Despite the loose fit, they offer a very good grip and are ideal for rough work.

Your advantages:

  • very durable, can be used for several years
  • cheaper than many other work gloves
  • withstand mechanical stress very well, abrasion resistant
  • non-slip surface for firm grip
  • thicker than textile work gloves and therefore ideal protection for rough work
  • high quality, very well finished with double seams
  • weatherproof and robust
  • versatile as protective gloves, assembly gloves, gardening gloves, industrial gloves, work gloves
  • for industry, crafts, construction, warehousing, logistics and transport, horticulture, forestry and forestry work and agriculture.
  • very good price performance


Split leather vs. full leather: Which is which?

Leather work gloves from Franz Mensch are available in cow split leather or cow full leather. These are the differences:

  • Split leather is made by cutting thick leather hides into layers. This is also referred to as "splitting". Split leather is the flesh side of the leather hide. It is rough on both sides and significantly cheaper than full leather.
  • Full leather is not split leather or the outside of the leather skin. Full leather is the higher quality and more resilient than split leather. Full grain leather work gloves have a smoother surface and are more comfortable to wear than split leather gloves. They are more breathable and reduce sweating.


Cowhide leather - ideal for work gloves

Cowhide is the most common type of leather in the world. It is available in sufficient quantities because beef is widely produced and consumed. Therefore, cowhide is comparatively cheap. In addition, cowhide can be produced in large sizes due to the size of the animals.

Cowhide has many advantages and is versatile for different purposes. For example, it is processed into furniture covers, belts, shoes, car seats or leather clothing such as Franz Mensch's work gloves. Thanks in particular to its strong and stable structure, cowhide is ideal for processing into work gloves that have to withstand a lot in everyday working life.


Heat resistant: leather welding gloves

A particularly strong version of a leather work glove are so-called welding gloves. Thick leather is so robust that it can withstand high temperatures. Oven gloves Weldstar | leather  are made of a combination of full cowhide and split leather. The heavily used area of the palm is made of strong, high-quality cowhide full leather. The index finger is extra reinforced. Back of the hand and cuff are made of split leather. With its long cuff (pulse protection), this leather welding glove is ideal for welding and deburring work, crafts, construction, automotive industry, printing industry, metal industry, mechanical engineering, locksmiths and workshops and glass manufacturing.