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Work gloves at Franz Mensch

Industrial gloves and work gloves - strong protection against mechanical risks

A large group of protective gloves are so-called industrial gloves or work gloves. They belong to the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are available in different materials and designs. Thus, they always provide reliable protection for all areas of application in industry, storage, trade or assembly.

Important: Working gloves must comply with all standards required by law. Franz Mensch therefore pays special attention to a tested quality that really delivers what it promises.

The large assortment of work gloves at a glance

  •  Food-safe and ideal for precise finishing work: ULTRA FLEX gloves, now also available with carbon-coated touch screen fingertips ULTRA FLEX TOUCH nylon gloves
  • coated nylon gloves with perfect fit and first-class grip even when working with slippery or wet objects, for example nylon gloves BLACK ACE
  • Work gloves with pimples, made of cotton or cotton blend, very breathable, abrasion-resistant and non-slip, for example, seamless fine-knit glove STRUCTA II
  • Dipped working gloves for rough work, reliable protection and optimal grip, for example, working glove NITRIL GRIP with durable nitrile coating
  • classic leather gloves for crafts and construction sites, for example work gloves STRONG made of cowhide leather

The safety of the working hand often depends on the protective glove used. The Franz Mensch range includes a variety of premium quality gloves for many different applications and uses.

Guide to standards

Fulfillment of the PPE Directive 89/686 / EEC

The guideline distinguishes between two classes of gloves for protection against both "minimal" and "high" risks. Dangers that lie between these two protection classes can be described as "medium" risks. In order to comply with Directive 89/686 / EEC, the risk must be identified and gloves of the appropriate protection class must be selected.

To assist with the selection, there is a labeling system:

  • CE - Category I: Gloves of simple design - only for minimal risks
  • CE - Category II: Medium duty gloves - for medium risks
  • CE - Category III: Gloves of complex design - for irreversible or deadly risks

The standard EN 420

This standard specifies the general requirements for protective gloves in relation to design, construction, innocuity, comfort, convenience, marking and product information.

The standard EN 388

Gloves to protect against mechanical risks

This standard applies to all types of gloves for protection against physical or mechanical injury from abrasion, blemishes, punctures or tears. The mechanical injury protection function is indicated by a pictogram and four digits (counters), indicating the respective performance test results associated with a specific risk.

Mechanical risks: EN 388: 2003

The standard defines four tests and specifications in power levels. If the power level is below the minimum value, the listed number is "0"; "X" indicates that the glove has not been tested.

    Abrasion resistance - performance level 1-4
    Cut resistance - performance level 1-5
    Tearing force - power level 1-4
    Puncture force - performance level 1-4
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