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Chemical protective gloves by Franz Mensch

Protective gloves against chemical risks, according to EN 374-3, carry a pictogram with a beaker or Erlenmeyer flask. They are manufactured depending on the suitability for certain chemicals for example from nitrile, latex or neoprene. Chemical protection gloves are intended to protect the user from direct skin contact with hazardous substances and are classified as personal protective equipment (PPE). Chemical protection is simply mandatory. Because when dealing with hazardous substances such as acids, alkalis, organic solvents, chemical protective gloves must always be worn.

But not every chemical protection glove is optimally suited for every purpose. The offer is great. Unfortunately there is no universal glove to protect against all chemicals and hazardous substances. So how do you find out which chemical glove is right for you?

When choosing three things are crucial:

  1. Which hazardous substances are used?
  2. Which boundary conditions prevail at the workplace?
  3. Does the glove wearer possibly have allergies to the glove material?


Chemical protection gloves from Franz Mensch are subject to a continuous strict quality management and are gem. the PSA guideline 89/686 EEC and corresponding EN standards certified and provided with a CE mark.

Be advised on PSA questions or browse the Franz Mensch online shop for your desired item. Simply enter part number or designation. So you are guaranteed to find the right chemical protection for your needs.