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Protective gloves by Franz Mensch

First-class protective gloves and work gloves

Play safe with protective gloves. Your hands are your most important tool and must be reliable. Franz Mensch offers a huge selection of protective gloves & ndash; Of course, in a proven quality for the highest safety.

Here you will find protective gloves for all industries, including the automotive, metal, pharmaceutical and food industries. Strong assortment for strong protection:

  • Chemical protective glove: From chemical splash gloves to full chemical protection, neoprene, latex, or nitrile gloves They are EN 374
  • Universal Protection : Latex or vinyl cleaning gloves, protect against dirt and grime.
  • Cotton glove : 100% cotton or cotton blend gloves, gleaming white; for gastronomy or of course; for food industry, assembly, warehouse work
  • Industrial work glove: durable work gloves made of nylon, cotton or leather, with or without coating and as a touch version, For versatile applications in industry and trade, against mechanical hazards, EN 388 meets
  • cold and heat protective gloves: Protective gloves against heat and cold, made of leather, special materials, silicone or cotton, pressed ft according to EN 407 or EN 511
  • Mesh gloves: Chain gloves for superior puncture protection
  • Cut Protection : Food grade cut resistant gloves made of special fibers, highest cut protection class, tested to EN 1028 or EN 388

A protective glove belongs to the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and has something to make. Above all, he has to protect your hands against health hazards. The selection of the appropriate glove thus depends on the degree of chafing. Therefore, protective gloves are suitable. statutory PPE Directive 89/686 / EEC into three categories.

Protection Classes for Working Gloves:

  • CE? Category I: gloves for minimal risks (eg gloves for gardening)
  • CE? Category II: Medium risk gloves (all gloves between category I and II, for example against bites and abrasion)
  • CE? Category III: High Risk Gloves (against irreversible or serious hazards, for example, from heat, radiation or chemicals)

In the large Franz Mensch range you will find gloves for all protection classes. In addition to the PPE Directive, there are a number of standards that must be met by protective gloves.

Standards for protective gloves:

The EN 420 covers general requirements for protective gloves and others. in terms of comfort, nonsensitivity or labeling.

EN 388 refers to mechanical risks. Protective gloves complying with EN 388 protect against abrasion, stitches, cuts or cracks. The corresponding performance level is indicated in the corresponding pictogram

Gloves that comply with EN 374 protect against chemical hazards and microorganisms. The EN 374 can be represented in three pictograms because the standard is divided into three subareas. Part 1 refers to the protection against microorganisms. Part 2 stands for tightness against liquids and low protection against certain chemicals. Part 3 refers to fluid-tight gloves that protect against chemical hazards even better (full chemical protection). The letters below the pictogram show which chemicals have been tested.

EN 407 specifies the requirements for heat protection gloves. Protective gloves of this category protect against strong heat, for example from hot steam, hot work surfaces or hot liquids.

EN 511 describes the requirements for thermal protective gloves. It applies to protective gloves intended to protect against cold to -50 ° C.

The Franz Mensch online shop is sure to find the right protective glove for your application.