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Disposable gloves, Work gloves and Protective gloves by Franz Mensch

There is hardly an activity in the workplace where our hands and forearms are not subjected to risks or exposed to strains and pollution. So it is not surprising that hand injuries lead the statistics when it comes to work accidents. One in three accidents in the workplace results in an injury to the fingers, hands, or forearms. Therefore work gloves are an essential element of PPE (89/686 EEC). Wearing work gloves can reduce chemical, mechanical, physical and biological risks in a fast, low-cost and efficient way – if the appropriate gloves are chosen and if the gloves are used correctly. The most commonly used gloves are five-finger gloves. In addition to that, other designs are useful for certain jobs, such as three-finger gloves, mittens, finger stalls or cuffs (arm protection). In addition to that, there is a wide range of designs made of synthetic materials to protect from all types of hazards. Franz Mensch offers the most suitable work gloves for every purpose: Disposable gloves, protection gloves that are coated and with nubs, universal protection gloves, cotton gloves, fine industrial gloves, cut-safe gloves, stab-proof gloves, thermal protection gloves and chemical protection gloves.

Work Gloves and Hygiene in the Food Sector

A very high hygienic standard is required in the commercial production and processing of foodstuffs (directive 90/128 EEC, 10/2011/EC). This is motivated by several reasons, above all the specialized production processes characterized by the division of labour, the long multistage distribution paths and the great number of people whose health may be endangered if food hygiene is insufficient. An extremely important issue here is work gloves and hand hygiene, because hands are the main vectors for transmitting bacteria and germs. This is why work gloves are one of the most important protective measures. Franz Mensch is one of the leading experts in disposable gloves. The most common materials for the production of disposable gloves are latex, nitrile, vinyl, neoprene, and polyethylene (PE, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE). There are various types of gloves: sterile and non-sterile, powdered and powder-free. Powdered disposable gloves provide the advantage that they are easy to put on even with sweaty or wet hands. With powder-free work gloves you are on the safe side because they are ideal for handling products that need to be protected from contamination. Powder-free gloves are an excellent alternative for people whose skin is sensitive to powder, which may cause skin irritation. Disposable gloves by Franz Mensch are available in the sizes XS-XXL. They come in a variety of colours (colour system) and various lengths. The product range also comprises dispensers and wall holders to match.

Work Gloves in the Medical Sector

Right after hygienic hand disinfection, medical protective gloves are one of the most important measures to prevent infections in the hospital and in a doctor’s surgery. Medical work gloves have to meet a number of different requirements. They need to protect from cleaning agents and disinfectants as well as from laboratory chemicals and other hazardous substances (e.g. cytostatic agents). They are also necessary to protect the wearer from infection risks, especially from exposure to bloodborne pathogens, such as hepatitis b, hepatitis c, and HIV, as well as smear infections. Disposable gloves protect the wearer as well as the patient, provided they are used correctly. The Franz Mensch product range comprises a great variety of certified work gloves in compliance with the Medical Products Law.

Certified Work Gloves

Work gloves by Franz Mensch offer you the highest level of product safety: All disposable gloves are tested for food safety according to the standards of the ISEGA institute, and most of them are certified for use with foodstuffs and in compliance with the Medical Products Law (EN 455, AQL 1,5). With the CE labeling you can be sure that the personal protective equipment/work gloves, with regard to design, material, and manufacturing quality, not only conforms to the safety requirements for which the equipment was tested but also to European standards and legal requirements. CE Cat. I protective clothing for minimum risks, CE Cat. II protective clothing for medium risks, CE Cat. III protective clothing for high risks. The latter is suitable for handling disinfectants and cleaning agents, for many chemicals or for handling cytostatic agents, EN 374.

The Right Work Gloves

Gloves protect the hands from many influences: mechanical, physical, chemical, and infectious. This is why it is of paramount importance to select the most suitable work gloves. Gloves should have a good fit. If the glove does not fit properly, if it is too tight or not elastic enough, it will exert permanent pressure on the surface of the hand. This can lead to physical problems and muscular changes. Depending on the activity, the work gloves that are used should be of sufficient length, to make sure that the working materials do not enter the glove. This can also be prevented by turning up the glove’s cuff or by wearing tight cuffs. Gloves should give the wearer sufficient tactile sensitivity for the job on hand. They should fit the employee properly. This means that a sufficient number of gloves in various sizes should be provided. Work gloves should be changed as often as is necessary. For disposable gloves, this means that they can be worn only once. The work gloves which are used have to be impervious to chemical agents, sufficiently resistant with regard to mechanical impacts and/or have to protect the wearer from physical influences, depending on the task.

Innovative Work Gloves at an Attractive Price

Franz Mensch is continuously developing innovative solutions in order to offer you conveniently priced high-grade work gloves. This is top professional quality at a very good price! Browse in the Franz Mensch online shop to get an overview of the various glove types and designs. Find the work gloves that are perfect for you. Do not hesitate to contact us to ask for advice: +49 8193 / 9393-0.