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Foil blanks | PP-Foil

Foil blanks | PP-Foil

  • polypropylene foile, approx. 15 micron
  • crystal clear foil to show the product‘s quality very transparently
  • food safe
  • tearproof
  • liquid tight and very hygienic
  • for a clean seperation of food
  • in practical dispenser box

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Tubular bag | PA/PE
Tubular bag made of PA/PE from Hygostar The professional tubular bags are made in Germany and consist of a particularly stable PA/PE film. They are tear-resistant and suitable for use with all common chamber vacuum devices. The tubular bags nestle over the food like an invisible skin and make for a very attractive presentation on the sales shelf or in your display. With the slaughter bags, you can keep your food and its aroma fresh for a long time. The bags are ideal for vacuum packaging cheese, fresh meat, sausage, fish, snacks, but also fresh pasta such as noodles or gnocchi. The tubular bags are very tight and without side seams. This means they can also be used for liquid foods such as soups or sauces. The tubular bags only need to be sealed on one side, which saves a lot of time in practice. Features of the Tubular bag at a glance: made in Germany puncture and tear resistant hygiene and aroma protection three sides closed, fewer welded seams for more stability and better film conformability space advantage: less sealing edge, full volume of the bag can be used very hygienic and stable, inside does not have to be touched like an invisible second skin for an attractive presentation


Type of inner packaging: cardboard
Type of outer packaging: cardboard
material: PP

Certifications / Standards

food safe

Overview all norms of Foil blanks | PP-Foil


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Declaration of conformity for food safety
Technical data sheet

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