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Bio fingerfood skewers by Naturestar | Franz MenschBio fingerfood skewers - eco-friendly, 100% compostable, food safe

For environmentally conscious restaurateurs and caterers, our NATUREStar line offers an ecological alternative for finger food skewers and food markers made of bamboo or wood.
These organic products consist of 100% renewable resources, are co2-neutral, fully compostable and free of pollutants and plasticizers.

In our bio finger food assortment you will find:

  • Bio fingerfood skewers made of bamboo
  • Bio shashlik skewers made of bamboo
  • Bio steak makr made of bamboo
  • Flag picker made of wood


Fingerfood skewers - stuffy is "in"


The term finger food comes from the English language and stands for finger = finger and food = food. That is, the treats are eaten with your fingers, without cutlery. The Regulations of the International Cooking Competition "Bocuse d'Or" states that finger food must be eaten while standing with a maximum of two bites and with one hand. & nbsp;

However, it is easier and more hygienic if you do not have the food in your fingers but grab it with a skewer. So appetizers can be prepared for a cocktail party, champagne reception or on a buffet wonderfully appetizing.
Whether with meat, vegetarian or sweet, warm or cold, when the delicacies are served on a skewer, they are a special eye-catcher and taste twice as good. To creatively decorate finger food dishes there are great skewers made of wood or bamboo. They are a highlight for both small and large buffets! Therefore, there is a wide selection of skewers that are ideal for finger food, grilled and fruit skewers, roulades, rollmops, or shashlik. There are no limits to the use of bamboo skewers. Snacks for in between or for fine meals at a finger food party. The extremely decorative finger food skewers make you want more. 

Another great advantage of fingerfood skewers made of bamboo or wood: All products are made purely from natural materials. Thus, the skewers are biodegradable and compostable. Since the eye eats with you, you will find many different ones original finger food skewers made of bamboo here in the online shop at Franz Mensch.

Your selection of finger food skewers at Franz Mensch:

  • BIO Bamboo finger food skewer FLAG: with a thick, flat end, easy to grip
  • BIO bamboo fingerfood spit LOOP: with knot-end for easy gripping
  • BIO Bamboo finger food skewers KORDEL: with a nice yellow or red cord
  • BIO Bamboo finger food skewer RING: the end is wrapped as a ring
  • BIO bamboo finger food skewers bent RING: Bent skewer in the shape for an extraordinary look and finally the end decorated as a ring
  • Organic bamboo finger food skewers CIRCLE: towards the end of the skewer a circle of bamboo
  • Organic bamboo finger food skewers ART: Towards the end of the skewer, various shapes in bright colors that appeal to children in particular
  • BIO Bamboo finger food skewers BALLS: Balls in vibrant wood colors as a highlight
  • Organic bamboo finger food skewers HEART: the end of the skewer turned into a fabulous heart
  • Organic bamboo finger food skewers CIRCLE: the bamboo skewer is black colored in the back decorated with a red wooden ball
  • BIO Bamboo Shish Kebab
  • Organic bamboo skewer
  • BIO Bamboo Forceps: handy for "stringing" small fingerfood dishes
  • BIO Bamboo finger food skewers DOUBLE TIP: suitable for long culinary delights or, for example, shrimp

    Practical and beautiful: Foodmarker made of bamboo or wood

    • Flagpicker Bavaria, Nations and Germany: Wooden Toothpick with Paper Flags
    • BIO steak markers RARE, WELL, MEDIUM: helpful to mark the cooking stages of roast meat
    • Food markers VEGAN and VEGGIE: vegan or vegetarian snacks can be recognized immediately on a large buffet