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Organic straws by Naturestar | Franz Mensch

Organic straws made of paper - that will please your guests

Straws are usually used only briefly and then disposed of. Made of plastic, they increasingly pollute our environment and are therefore heavily criticized.
NATUREStar organic straws are made from paper and are therefore 100% biodegradable!
The paper is particularly strong and stable, so that the straws do not soften.

Organic straws made of paper are a great and absolutely environmentally friendly alternative!

From now on, opt for this environmentally friendly alternative. Paper straws are particularly sustainable because they are simply made from unbleached paper - nothing else. The paper is particularly strong and stable so that the straws do not soften. So, the organic drinking straws are suitable for drinks of all kinds. Whether cocktail, lemonade, ice tea or other soft drinks: paper straws give your drinks that certain something.

Nature straw's organic straws stand out for their cheerful colors. You can choose between paper straws striped or paper straws dotted.
Convince yourself of the paper straws and ask for your free product sample.
 At Franz Mensch you also receive paper straws with kinks. The kink ensures that the drinking straw can be better bent to the mouth. Drinking is made easier.