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Bio cutlery by Naturestar | Franz MenschOrganic disposable cutlery from NatureStar

If you pay attention to environmentally friendly materials in disposable cutlery, we offer you with our bio disposable cutlery by NATUREStar several very environmentally friendly alternatives!

Because our organic disposable cutlery consists of birch wood, bamboo or corn starch - is made from 100% renewable resources, CO2-neutral and fully biodegradable. Just Organic.

Further information

The materials from which our organic disposable cutlery is made are birch, bamboo and cornstarch. All natural products, 100% renewable, CO2-neutral and biodegradable.

Organic disposable cutlery made of birch wood

Wood is a renewable, biodegradable raw material. For birch wood, moreover, it does not have to be bleached but can be used untreated and is absolutely tasteless.

Thanks to a special surface treatment, the wood is stable and smooth, chipping is prevented so that cutlery can safely be used as a disposable cutlery.

Organic disposable cutlery made of bamboo

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It comes from the family of grasses, has an extremely high strength, elasticity, durability and dimensional stability and is therefore a true alternative to wood.

Bamboo is 100% compostable and can be disposed of in the bio bin or compost. Also bamboo is completely tasteless and therefore as organic cutlery, as in the food industry as a whole, optimal use!

Organic disposable cutlery from corn starch / CLPA

What at first glance looks like ordinary plastic is a natural, fully biodegradable bio-plastic made primarily from corn starch (PLA - polyactide). Since PLA is not heat resistant, talcum powder is added, resulting in crystallization. This results in CPLA ("crystallized" PLA), a particularly stable and heat-resistant (up to 90 ° C) material.

CLPA can be disposed of in different ways after use: In industrial composting, the material decomposes into CO2 and water. Fermentation produces recyclable bio-gas. Through pure recycling, the used CPLA is reused as a raw material corn starch for new organic plastic products.