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Organic disposable bowls made from sugar cane (bagasse) and palm leaves by NatureStar


Exciting information about our organic dishes

The disposable plates, lunch boxes and bowls by NatureStar are made of bagasse and palm leaves. Below we introduce you to both raw materials.

Organic bowls made of bagasse

Bagasse are the fibrous plant residues that remain in the sugar production after the sugar cane is squeezed out. Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) belongs to the grass family and is a very fast-growing plant: about 3 to 6 meters high. 100 tons of sugar cane produce about 10 tons of sugar and 34 tons of valuable bagasse.

How sugarcan disposable tableware is made:

  1. The leftover sugarcane fibers are stored wet to remove short marrow fibers and sugar residues as these may impede further processing.
  2. The bagasse is mixed with water in a blender until a pulpy mass is formed.
  3. The mushy bagasse mass is poured into a mold and pressed using high pressure and high temperatures in the desired shape. Finished!

Special features of the organic disposable bagasse bag

Bio Bowls | Franz Mensch
  • very stable and robust
  • suitable for hot filling, microwave and refrigerator
  • eat resistant up to 90 ° C
  • water-resistant, grease-proof, suitable for hot and very oily foods
  • completely biodegradable and compostable (certified according to EN13432)
  • CO2 neutral disposal


Organic bowls made of palm leaf

The palm leaves used for our organic disposable tableware come from the betel nut palm, which is native to naturally growing forests. The palm leaves are not traditionally "harvested", the naturally discarded palm leaves are collected on the spot. The special feature of this natural product is that each bowl and each plate has a unique appearance, because the gentle processing of the dishes preserves the natural grain of the individual palm leaves.


Special features of the organic disposable tableware made of palm leaves

Bio bowls made of palm leaves | Franz Mensch
  • very environmentally friendly, because the palm leaves are discarded naturally and collected on site
  • 100% natural, free from coatings and additives
  • kCompostable, food safe
  • also for liquid and oily foods
  • suitable for ovens (up to 220 ° C), for the microwave as well as for refrigerators and freezers (down to -25 ° C)


Sustainability: from nature back to nature

Disposable dishes end up in garbage after a single use - occasionally in the nature. Thanks to the biological properties of our organic disposable tableware made of sugar cane or palm leaf, however, these products decompose relatively quickly and become soil. In turn, this soil can be used as a breeding ground or fertilizer for new plants. This closes the biological cycle.