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Organic disposable tableware and packaging from NatureStar

Disposable tableware and packaging from renewable raw materials are a great and particularly sustainable alternative for gastro, to-go, snack and catering.

Four Big Benefits of Organic Disposable Tableware and Packaging

  1. 100% from renewable raw materials to save scarce resources, currently. made from raw materials left over as by-products or by-products
  2. Fully compostable - no mountains of garbage that lags behind, organic materials can be traced back to the recycling cycle become; no complicated and costly waste separation processes
  3. Free from harmful substances, plasticisers and other substances that have nothing to look for in your food and packaging
  4. High quality and classy look that is in no way inferior to standard products

These advantages have long convinced us at Franz Mensch. Therefore, the NatureStar brand offers a wide range of compostable disposable tableware and ecological packaging for food of all kinds.

Our NatureStar organic range at a glance:

  1. Wooden or bamboo skewers: ideal for finger food, grilled skewers, fruit skewers, roulades, rollmops, shashliks.
  2. Cutlery made of wood or cornstarch: From the french fry fork to the noble wooden fork, NatureStar offers you the complete range of organic cutlery.
  3. Toothpick made of wood or bamboo
  4. Organic cups and accessories like wooden stirring sticks, cornstarch lid
  5. Organic small boats or wooden bowls for the presentation of food at the buffet
  6. Organic Paper Straws
  7. Bamboo chopsticks for Asia-Food
  8. Bamboo fingerfood skewers and party skewers: Huge selection of bamboo skewers for creative finger food meals
  9. Organic plates and bio lunchboxes made of sugar cane fibers and palm leaves: The compostable organic dishes are ideal for take-away areas

Why are organic packaging useful for food? Quite simply because nobody wants to have chemical additives, plasticizers or similar pollutants in their food. More and more consumers attach great importance to organic quality and organic food. It is only logical to use organic and sustainable packaging for foodstuffs.

Where can I buy organic food packaging? Organic packaging such as lunch boxes, organic plates, bowls and much more can be found here in the online shop of Franz Mensch. For questions and a personal consultation on organic disposable tableware and organic packaging for food, the customer service team is happy to help you. By phone: 08241 - 96330 or by e-mail at verkauf@franz-mensch.de.

As a family business, healthy nature is very important to us, and therefore Franz Mensch is constantly expanding its range of organic disposable tableware. The NATUREStar brand stands for disposable products made exclusively from renewable raw materials. All materials are 100% natural, carbon neutral and fully compostable after use.

Wood, bamboo, sugarcane and cornstarch - sustainable all-rounders!

Much more is not needed for our organic disposable tableware ... The big challenge in the production of organic disposable tableware and packaging is the selection of raw materials. Because the demands are high: compostable, renewable, ecological, etc.

Small bowls, straws and wooden or paper skewers Wood is a versatile renewable resource. Whether toothpicks, roulade skewers, wooden forks or finger food skewers - all products are made from birch wood. Whether for snacks in between or for fine dining at a finger food party, the extremely decorative wooden boats make you want more. Nobody has to do without the advantages of disposable products because the NATUREStar product line is food-safe and therefore approved for direct contact with food. The disposable products made of wood are also absolutely tasteless and ensure sustainability in forestry.