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Covers and pouches: Especially for food

Covers and meat sacks are a simple and effective way to hygienically transport or protect food from contamination. In food production, e.g. Butchers, bakeries or large food productions, it often happens that open containers with food must be longer or need to be transported. Covers and bags are perfect protective covers for this purpose. They keep the food fresh and protect against dirt from the outside. At Franz Mensch you will find hygienic hoods and covers for single use in all standard sizes - there is also the right cover or bag for your needs.

Hygienic covers made of PE, PP or HDPE

Especially for open containers, boxes and containers without covers, there are hoods with elastic band. They are simply stretched over the container. So these hoods sit very well and protect the food excellent.

There are two versions of Hygostar:

  • PE cover : impervious to liquid, close the container particularly tightly
  • PP Nonwoven Cover : breathable and reusable

To cover tray trolleys, trolleys or rack trolleys, there is a special protective cover that ideally covers the entire trolley:

  • HDPE Cover : stable and moisture-resistant cover, various sizes available

High quality meat sacks and lining bags

Hygienic bags for packaging or transporting meat, sausages, poultry or fish are indispensable in food production. At Franz Mensch you will find meat bags and lining bags for E2 boxes of first-class quality. The bags are food safe and extremely stable. So your food is fresh and safe packed.

The articles at a glance:

  • Meat bag HT : very stable, high-quality special film, extremely tear-resistant and waterproof, protects food from dirt and moisture < / li>
  • HDPE Meat Bag : various sizes and thicknesses available
  • HDPE Liner Bag fits perfectly on all E2 boxes, odorless and tasteless, keeping food fresh and safe during transport