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Disposable Tableware and Packaging by Franz Mensch

Customers want food safety. This is true for all areas where foodstuffs are produced, processed, sold, or prepared directly. Franz Mensch offers you a wide choice of non-food products and packaging to make sure that food does not have to be touched with bare hands and that foodstuffs can be hygienically packaged or stored.

It is a common sight: At the counter or sales stall, the salesperson takes the food and then accepts the money with the same hand. With the sales systems from Franz Mensch you can prevent food contamination. The Quick&Clean System comprises a hygiene glove which can be fastened to the clothes by means of a pull reel holder. Just stick your hand into the glove and take it out again. The hygiene glove of the CleanHands System is equipped with a magnet whose base can be fastened either to the body or to the counter. Thus the glove is always tidied away and within easy reach.

Organic food is great. But what about the packaging? Environmentally friendly disposable tableware is a very good alternative to packaging made of paper or plastic. The non-food Bio range from Franz Mensch includes biodegradable plates, bowls, hamburger and lunch boxes, disposable cutlery, wooden forks, drinking straws and cups for hot drinks. This is ideal for the away-from-home sector and for snacks as to-go packaging.

To-go cups are convenient and versatile. They are now standard at events as well as for bakeries, hotels, and catering and restaurant businesses. Hot drink cups from Franz Mensch are produced in conformity with extremely strict hygiene requirements and are made of particularly high-quality paper. They are available in various shapes and sizes and in different wall thickness options. You can find the right cup for every purpose.

You want your cups to be customized with your individual print? No problem, just ask us. Matching accessories, such as lids, cup sleeves, stirring sticks, small spoons and drinking straws are available from the Franz Mensch online shop, fast and at a favourable price.

Do try cold drink cups, which keep drinks nice and cool in the summer, thanks to the PE coating on the inside. For tasty ice cream on hot days, Franz Mensch recommends ice cream cups that are absolutely food-safe and have no intrinsic smell or taste.

A highlight for every buffet are great-looking bamboo finger food skewers. They are very sturdy, have no intrinsic taste and are environmentally friendly. Fish skewers, roulade skewers and wooden skewers as well as bamboo skewers provide a wide range of options. There are also cheap and sustainable wooden toothpicks made of birchwood, which are an important part of every buffet table.

You are a professional in the kitchen? We have the suitable professional kitchen supplies for you. Our disposable strain cloths offer you perfect hygiene in accordance with the HACCP concept and ensure 100% pure taste for the dishes. Disposable pastry bags are absolutely hygienic and perfect for time-saving and precise work. Pastry bags from Franz Mensch are available either blocked or on a roll. To create the perfect surroundings for a memorable event, table decoration is a must. Tablecloth made of PP nonwoven can be cut individually, has an elegant fabric-like quality, can be wiped off, and is absolutely colourfast. Don’t forget to equip your kitchen with favourably priced baking cases, baking paper, dough bags, poultry frills, kitchen thread, plate paper, and doilies.

In order to store food hygienically, Franz Mensch provides bags & dust covers in its product range. You are from the catering or restaurant sector? Discover our dust covers for containers of any kind as well as for shelf and tray trolleys. They are air permeable and moisture proof to reliably keep the food fresh until it is served.

Specifically for butcher shops, there are meat bags and lining bags for E2 boxes.

Benefit from the product range offered in our online shop to stock up on non-food products and packaging.