Covers Light | LDPE

Covers Light | LDPE

  • only from Franz Mensch: with welded-in elastic band
  • elastic, seals well
  • made of LDPE, waterproof
  • guaranteed lint-free, because elastic is shrink-wrapped
  • hygienic cover for all open boxes, bins, containers

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Content: 10 x 50 piece


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Covers Light made of LDPE from Hygostar

The cover bonnets are unique on the market and, thanks to an all-round elastic band, a real labour-saver. The elastic band holds the covers securely on all common bins, crates or containers without slipping. Simply stretch it over them and you're done. This saves a lot of time and effectively protects the food from dust and other contaminants.

Furthermore, the elastic thread is firmly welded into the cover film, so that fraying and fluffing of the thread is prevented. The covers are therefore guaranteed lint-free and ideal for use in the food industry.

The covers are particularly popular in large food production facilities or bakeries. They are ideal when food has to be stored temporarily or transported within the factory. Covering bonnets with elastic band safely cover open containers and protect the food from contamination. The LDPE cover bonnets are waterproof and also reliably keep liquid splashes out. The LDPE film is transparent so that the contents are easily visible.

Features of the covers Light made of LDPE at a glance:

  • with elastic band for quick and secure covering
  • lint-free because elastic is shrink-wrapped
  • transparent, light LDPE film, approx. 20 my
  • waterproof
  • elastic and suitable for all common bins, boxes, containers
  • very hygienic, as disposable, a fresh cover for every application

Functional range

ideal for food areas, for open boxes and containers that need a cover


Type of inner packaging: PE
Type of outer packaging: cardboard
material: LDPE

Certifications / Standards

food safe

Overview all norms of Covers Light | LDPE

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LDPE belongs to the group of plastics and is a type of polyethylene (PE for short). The abbreviation LDPE stands for Low Density Polyethylene and is also called soft PE or low density polyethylene. The material's properties make it ideal for hygienic disposable gloves and hygiene garments. LDPE feels soft and does not rustle. Therefore, LDPE products are comfortable to wear. LDPE material is waterproof, lightweight, slightly stretchy and therefore more durable than other PE variants.

LDPE is often processed into a soft film and used, for example, for PE gloves. Its surface is very smooth and hygienic because germs hardly stick to it. In addition, LDPE is food-safe and inexpensive. As aprons or smocks, LDPE protects the clothing underneath from splashes and moisture. But LDPE can also be used very well as a material for bin liners because it is tough and hard-wearing.

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