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The history of Franz Mensch

Our company history since 1972

Quality and reliability for over 50 years

Franz Mensch is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of certified disposable products for the food industry, gastronomy, hotels, nursing, hospitals, industry and trade

The core competencies of the company include hygiene, cleaning and packaging (especially biological food packaging).

The most important milestones in the company history

2017 The construction of the new company headquarters in Buchloe is finished. Since 11.09.2017 we are working in our new building.
2016 In planning: Complete new building on an area of approximately 50,000 sqm
In Buchloe, a new company building including offices and a logisitc hall with 44,000 pallet parking spaces will be build for around 21 million euros. The groundbreaking is scheduled for spring 2016.
2015 - March New web shop is live on www.franz-mensch.de
2013 Implementation of a new computer system
2012 - April Franz Mensch 40th Birthday
2011 Finishing of and move-in into the new office builing
2009/2010 New building in Eresing with new office and enlarged storage area
2009 20 years of management by the Theiler family
2008 10 years of Franz Mensch in Eresing
2007 - April Franz Mensch 35th Birthday
2006/2007 New building in Eresing with new office and enlarged storage area with space for over 3.000 pallets
2005 Equipment of the warehouse with the latest logistics technology
2003 New high rack warehouse with space for over 1.500 pallets
2002- April Franz Mensch 30th Birthday
31th of Dez 2001 Up to the present day Rolf W. Theiler has served the GmbH as an additional managing director. Today he still actively serves the company on matters involving the press.
30th of June 2001 Achim and Axel Theiler take over the management. The generational change was consummated with the name change to GmbH. Both sons learned the business from scratch.Achim und Axel Theiler | Franz Mensch GmbH

Achim Theiler – married, with 3 children – has been involved since 1989. In 1992 second training in business administration and from 1994 onwards continuing education as a sales specialist.

Axel Theiler – married, with 2 children – concluded his studies in Berlin in order to further expand the firm together with his father and brother.

Achim und Axel - Achim and Axel Theiler feel committed to the company tradition and regard the company - as their father did before them - as a service provider which gives prime focus to the customer.

Their motto: success is only attainable though competence, service and quality!

1998 Move to Eresing, near Landsberg am Lech
1995 Entry of son Axel Theiler
1992 Move to Langwied near Munich

Rolf Theiler Franz Mensch GmbHDue to cardiac disease Franz Mensch is forced to give up the company.

He found a successor in Rolf W. Theiler, who continued his ideas and continues the company Firma Franz Mensch.

Rolf Theiler was managing the company Franz Mensch as director from 1988 to the end of June 2001.


1987 Franz Mensch launches the EUROPA CHEF'S HAT - still the latest chef's hat!
1st of April 1972


The Franz Mensch company is founded by Mr. Franz Mensch as a one-man operation. Focus: disposable kitchen apparel.

The founder of the company and qualified cook led the company from 1972 to1988. He implemented the idea of using disposable clothing instead of fabric in April 1972.

He began to pioneer the sale of disposable kitchen apparel such as chef's hats, non-woven forage hats, polythene aprons and non-woven half-aprons from his one-man office "living room".