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Overshoe machines make putting on overshoes much easier - without bending down, sitting down or balancing. At Franz Mensch you will find both favourable versions for mobile use and permanently installed, high-performance overshoe machines for a very high volume of visitors. 

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Overshoe dispenser Hygomat Comfort
Overshoe dispenser Hygomat Comfort from Hygostar The Hygomat Comfort overshoe machine is unique on the market because it combines all the requirements for convenience, time savings, hygiene and economy. The Hygomat Comfort impresses with its reliable, maintenance-free mechanics and is universally suitable for visitors and employees in hygiene areas. It does not consume any electricity and can therefore be used independently of location and in an energy-saving manner. The Hygomat Comfort overshoe dispenser is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to save time and keep the donning of disposable overshoes as short as possible. With the Hygomat, overshoe donning is 4x faster than manually! Annoying bending, trying on and longer waiting times are eliminated. At the same time, you work very hygienically with this overshoe automat, because the overshoes do not have to be touched with the hands. In this way, you can easily and effectively prevent cross-contamination within your work areas. The Hygomat is equipped as a Comfort variant with comfortable handrail and large capacity for 220 overshoes. The mobile Hygomat overshoe dispenser can be placed anywhere and is suitable for all types of shoes - even shoes with heels. Suitable overshoes for the Hygomat overshoe machine: Important: Only fill with original Hygomat overshoes. These fit all Hygomat overshoes machines, regardless of the model. No matter whether Hygomat Classic (item no. 88810), Hygomat Comfort (item no. 88811) or Hygomat Cleanroom (item no. 88813): Franz Mensch offers you a comprehensive selection of suitable overshoes here, e.g. art.-no. 2850H:  waterproof overshoes for Hygomat made of CPE art.-no. 28602H: antistatic overshoes for Hygomat with ESD tape art.-no. 28504H: durable overshoes for Hygomat | PP/CPE coating art.-no. 28509H: cheap PE overshoes for Hygomat art.-no. 28646H: universally suitable PP overshoes for Hygomat art.-no. 28604H: air-permeable overshoes for Hygomat made of PP fleece Advantages of the "Hygomat Comfort" overshoe dispenser at a glance very user friendly, no bending simple and fast handling four times faster than normal overshoes donning with viewing window so that the fill level can be seen at all times with handle to hold - for even more comfortable donning refilled with overshoes in a few seconds weight: 21 kg casters included for easier relocation Putting on overshoes with the Hygomat Comfort: This is how it works Simply insert the foot into the stretched overshoe. Get in with the heel first, then it is easier. Use the convenient handrail to hold on to for a secure foothold. Now pull your foot out to the back. The overshoe will automatically tighten around your shoe. Tip: Watch our product video for the Hygomat Comfort. For more product videos of our automatic overshoe machines, click here. Customer comments on the Hygomat overshoe machine: "The Hygomat is extremely time-saving. We use it for visitors in our entrance area and are very satisfied. It's easy and quick." - Mr. Dusch, Grossmann Feinkost GmbH. "We are absolutely satisfied with the Hygomat. We use it for visitors as well as for employees. Putting on the overshoes has become so much easier. Before, we had boxes of overshoes everywhere and the overshoes had to be pulled apart first. With the Hygomat, everything is much quicker and it's super convenient. No more bending over! The overshoes are on your feet within 2 seconds. - Elke Frese, GfM mbH - Gesellschaft für Micronisierung. "For us it was important to have a overshoe machine that is specifically approved for food areas. The Hygomat has the required declaration of conformity and works without any problems. Our food production staff are completely satisfied." - Christine Dobler, Houdek Arzberg GmbH
4x faster
Price reduced
Shrink film for Stepstar | PVC
Shrink film for Stepstar made of PVC by Hygostar The Stepstar overshoe machine is particularly suitable for a high volume of visitors. It is filled with a so-called shrink film. The film is made of robust PVC material. It is shrunk around the shoe when it enters the overshoe machine. The shoe sole and shoe are then hygienically covered. The overshoe film is suitable for every shoe size and type. The Stepstar overshoe machine and the film roll are especially recommended for dry hygienic areas in industry and food areas. Features of the PVC shrink film for Stepstar at a glance: sufficient for approx. 1,300 shoes suitable for every shoe type and size stable and hygienic for dry surfaces for the Stepstar overshoe machine
Price reduced
Shrink film for Stepstar Comfort | PVC
Shrink film for Stepstar Comfort made of PVC by Hygostar The film roll is sufficient for around 1,800 shoes. Thanks to the large volume, the shrink film for Stepstar Comfort is ideal for a very high volume of visitors and demand. The film roll only works with the Stepstar Comfort overshoe machine. The robust PVC film is shrunk over the shoe by the machine. Your advantage: the film fits any size and type of shoe. The PVC material covers visitors' shoes very hygienically and helps keep hygiene areas clean. The Stepstar Comfort shrink film and overshoe machine are ideal for industry, the food industry and especially areas with dry floors.   Features of the PVC-shrink film for Stepstar Comfort at a glance: enough for around 1,800 shoes especially for high demand, cost-effective and economical sturdy PVC on a roll suitable for all types and sizes of shoes hygienic and robust for dry floors for the Stepstar Comfort overshoe machine
Overshoe machine Stepstar Classic
Overshoe machine Stepstar Classic from Hygostar Extra fast overshoe machine: The STEPSTAR electric overshoe machine shrinks a film over the shoe in seconds. This way, the sole of the street shoe is tightly wrapped and does not carry any contamination into your hygiene rooms. Another advantage: The overshoes do not have to be touched with the hands. Therefore, putting on with an overshoe machine is much more hygienic and the spread of germs is effectively prevented. The Stepstar Classic is a very powerful overshoe machine and especially suitable for high consumption. If you need a overshoe dispenser for daily use and frequent applications, the Stepstar is just right. Suitable film roll for the Stepstar overshoe machine: art.-no. 44707 : PVC shrink film for approx. 800-1,000 tear-offs art.-no. 44709 : compostable bio shrink film Tip: The Stepstar overshoe machine is also available as a larger version with a handle to hold on to and an even larger film volume: Stepstar Comfort (art.-no. 88816). The advantages of the Stepstar Classic overshoe machine at a glance: PVC film is shrunk around the shoe in 4 seconds suitable for any type and size of shoe (even high heels) particularly stable, tear-resistant foil for approx. 800-1,000 tear-offs inexpensive hygiene solution that pays for itself quickly extremely durable you save on storage costs for overshoes. meets the legally required guidelines CE certified very easy replacement and refilling of the film roll electric, for a fixed location works hands free weight: 21 kg Product videos: New: The product video for the stepstar Classic overshoes machine Here you will find a detailed overview of the product videos of our overshoe machines
extra fast
Price reduced
Biodegradable shrink film for Stepstar | PU
Biodegradable shrink film for Stepstar made of PU by NatureStar This film roll is made of sustainable bio-PU. The PU material is industrially compostable according to EN 13432 and therefore the more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional shrink film. The film roll fits into the Stepstar overshoe machine and is sufficient for around 1000 shoes. The Stepstar overshoe machine is powerful and ideal for high foot traffic. The bio-shrink film hygienically covers any type of shoe and any shoe size. This way you keep hygienic areas in industry and food production clean and protected from outside contamination.  Important: If you use the bio-shrink film, you need the Teflon tread mat (art. 447098) - for a clean wrapping of the shoes. Therefore, be sure to order it as well. Features of the biodegradable shrink film for Stepstar at a glance: high-quality bio-PU industrially compostable according to EN 13432 sufficient for approx. 1000 shoes  required accessories: Teflon tread mat (art. 447098) fits any shoe size also works for socks and shoes with heels for the Stepstar overshoe machine
Overshoe machine Hygostep
Overshoe machine Hygostep  Overshoe machine - extra easy to use: The HYGOSTEP electric overshoe machine automatically pulls overshoes over the foot. The overshoe machine is particularly easy to operate and can be refilled with overshoes in seconds. Hygostep is ideal for rooms where many visitors need to be provided with overshoes as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Features of the Hygostep overshoe machine at a glance: much faster than manual tightening easy to fill comfortable, thanks to handle to hold on to space for 200 overshoes electric, for a fixed location hygienic, as overshoes are not touched with the hands suitable, particularly inexpensive overshoes made of PE or PP weight: 9 kg Suitable overshoes: overshoes PE for HYGOSTEP (art-no. 28509S) or overshoes PP for HYGOSTEP (art.-no. 28626S) Product videos: for a detailed product description, please take a look at our product video Here you will find a detailed overview of the product videos of our overshoe machines
Safety mat for Stepstar | teflon
Safety mat for Stepstar made of teflon by Hygostar The telfon mat is an accessory for the Stepstar overshrink machine. If you use the Stepstar the sustainable organic shrink film, you need this teflon mat. It ensures a clean wrapping of the foot with the shrink film. The step mat is made of high-quality teflon and is ideal for hygiene areas with a high volume of visitors. Features of the safety mat for Stepstar at a glance: required if you use the biodegradable shrink film (art. 44709) for a clean wrapping of the foot with the foil high-quality Teflon for the Stepstar overshoe machine
Care and release agent for overshoe machines | silicone
Care and release agent for overshoe machines made silicone This care release agent is a special silicone spray which is used for the care and faultless functioning of overshoe machines. It prevents the foils from sticking in the shoe wrapping machine and keeps important components such as troughs, presses or slideways running smoothly. It also protects electrical contacts from moisture and cares for rubber, plastic and metal parts. To use, shake the can and spray on the clean and grease-free surface. Features of the care and release agent in summary: supports the longevity and proper functioning of the overshoe machine. silicone spray, can be used as a lubricant and release agent protects electrical contacts and cares for rubber, plastic and metal easy to use

Overshoe machines - the convenient solution for optimum hygiene

Permanently installed overshoe machines or mobile overshoe dispensers are among the most important measures for keeping contaminants out of sensitive manufacturing and medical areas. If visitors and staff wear overshoes, loose dust, dirt or infections stay outside. HACCP also requires the wearing of overshoes for good reason. To make putting on overshoes in practice as quick and convenient as possible, overshoe machines are available. These automatic overshoe dispensers make putting on overshoes much easier. Without bending, sitting down or balancing, the overshoes are automatically put on over the street shoe.


The most common applications of overshoe machines

Overshoe machines are particularly useful where sensitive hygiene areas are often entered and left again - for example, as a group of visitors does. Here, an automatic overshoe machine easily ensures the necessary hygiene. In just a few seconds, the overshoe is on the foot - no lengthy changing of clothes or shoes. The same applies to your personnel. An automatic overshoe dispenser increases the acceptance of overshoes among employees enormously. In short: An investment that quickly pays off!


Ideal for:

  • Hospitals
  • Dairies
  • Catering establishments
  • Laboratories
  • Clean rooms
  • High-tech areas
  • Protected areas
  • Construction
  • Showrooms
  • Production facilities
  • Hotels
  • Companies
  • Schools
  • Offices

Find the right overshoe machine for your company

Franz Mensch offers you a wide range of overshoe dispensers for different requirements. Here you will find exactly the overshoe dispenser that fits your company, your budget and your visitor volume or number of employees.

The best-selling Hygomat range is particularly economical, low-priced and has a huge range of matching disposable overshoes. Ideal for mobile use without electricity.

  • Hygomat Classic: space-saving, for up to 110 disposable overshoes
  • Hygomat Comfort: with handle, for up to 220 disposable overshoes
  • Hygomat Cleanroom: especially for cleanrooms, for up to 220 disposable overshoes

If you are looking for an overshoe machine for very high traffic areas, the Stepstar overshoe dispenser is the best choice. The machine works with electricity and pulls a special foil over the shoe. The foil sits on the foot like an overshoe in just a few seconds.

  • Stepstar Comfort: with handle, foil roll is sufficient for about 1800 shoes, extremely fast and efficient
  • Stepstar: space-saving, for approx. 1000 shoes
    For the Stepstar, you can learn more in our product video.

If you want it to be easy and convenient, the Hygostep overshoe machine is the best choice.

  • Hygostep: with electricity, extremely easy to use, very simple refilling of overshoes, space for 200 overshoes
    For more information about our Hygostep, simply watch the product video.

For low traffic there are the overshoe dispensers of the Ecostep series as well as our Easybox:

  • Ecostep Comfort: without electricity, with comfortable grip & level indicator and space for 100 overshoes
  • Ecostep: without electricity, space for 50 overshoes
  • Easybox: without electricity, extremely economical, space for 40 overshoes

Would you like to learn more about the functionality and differences of Franz Mensch's automatic overshoe machines? Then simply watch our application videos an. Here we explain step by step how to fill and use the overshoe dispensers correctly. So you are guaranteed to find the right overshoe dispenser for your work area.