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Clip cap "Light" | PP

Clip cap "Light" | PP

Clip cap "Light" | white-50cm-dispenser | Franz Mensch
  • 1219S
  • polypropylene nonwoven, light quality
  • produced mechanically
  • latex free elastic band
  • permeable to air
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Clip cap "Light" by Hygonorm The clip cap "Light" is machine-made from... more

Clip cap "Light" by Hygonorm

The clip cap "Light" is machine-made from polypropylene nonwoven in light quality. They are also breathable and available in different diameters and colors. All variants of the clip cap "Light" have latex-free rubber bands and can be purchased in a bag or in a dispenser box.

Functional range

food industry, hospital, care and hygiene sectors
Material: Polypropylene (PP)

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