Chemical protection gloves Smooth Blue | latex

Chemical protection gloves Smooth Blue | latex

  • Chemical protective glove made of chlorinated natural latex
  • inside flocked with cotton, reduces sweating
  • with rolled cuff and good anatomical fit
  • flexible and soft for more tactile sensation
  • structured, non-slip palms and fingers

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Content: 10 x 1 pair


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Chemical protection gloves Smooth Blue made of latex

The Smooth Blue chemical protective glove is made of natural latex. Chlorinated for greater comfort during extended wear, it has a cotton flocked interior, reducing perspiration. The glove's rolled edge catches liquid drips as they run off, and thanks to the textured palms and fingers, a sure-grip application can be guaranteed. In addition, the glove has an optimal fit and thus lies close to the skin. The high flexibility and soft texture ensure a precise tactile sensation.

Features of the chemical protection gloves Smooth Blue at a glance:

  • made of chlorinated natural latex
  • cotton flocked inside, reduces sweating
  • with rolled edge against falling drops
  • flexible and soft for precise tactile sensation
  • textured surface for secure grip


Type of inner packaging: PE
Type of outer packaging: Cardboard
material: Latex

Certifications / Standards

EN ISO 374-1:2016 – Typ A KLMPST
CE 2777 PSA VO (EU) 2016-425
EN ISO 374-5:2016
EN 388:2016 - 1010x

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