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For the catering industry: Professional kitchenware &  Table Products

Hygienic disposables in top quality

Kitchen professionals agree: Practical utensils such as piping bags, baking capsules and Passiertücher are indispensable in a catering kitchen. Because a professional kitchen is about absolutely hygienic work, perfect taste and a successful timing. High expectations that must be met. Hygienic disposable items that save time and enable precise work are our specialty. The Hygostar disposable piping bags, for example, are grippy in the hand, so that no drops go wrong. This is how you work quickly and precisely. Another example: the pass cloth FILTERSTAR for sauces or soups. As a disposable pass cloth it leaves no detergent residues in the food. You get 100% pure taste and work 100% hygienic.

The disposable kitchen utensils are specially designed for working under high pressure. The materials are particularly high quality, so that nothing tears, softens or goes wrong.

Advantage disposable

Disposable products can be easily disposed of after use. No annoying rinsing and drying. That saves time. Another advantage: disposable products are particularly hygienic because you always use a fresh product.

The gastro assortment of Franz Mensch at a glance

  • Disposable piping bags: from the super-low-priced standard version to extra-grippy piping bags for even more precise work with desserts, tarts and pastries
  • Baking capsules: numerous colors and sizes, ideal for muffins, pralinees or tarts
  • Cake tips and plate paper: noble decoration for pies, cakes and buffet platters, also available as a greaseproof version
  • Passiertücher and filter cloths: the original pass cloth FILTERSTAR - unsurpassed quality for 100% pure taste
  • Poultry cuffs: hide unsightly bones in poultry dishes, ideal for buffets
  • Kitchen yarn: important helper for cooking, roasting and grilling
  • Table decoration: Stylish tablecloths made of PP, in many different colors, fabric quality
  • Baking paper: on roll or as finished blanks, with non-stick coating, certified quality
  • Foils: Cling film and aluminum foil, on a roll or in the practical cutter box