Baking paper roll | Paper

Baking paper roll | Paper

  • double-sided silicone non-stick coating
  • on roll, width 57cm
  • useable on both sides and multiple times (about 7- 8 times)
  • grease and water resistant
  • heat resistant up to 220°C
  • not suitable for pretzel pastries (therefore please see our baking paper "Premium")

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Content: 6 x 1 roll


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Backing paper on roll by Hygostar

Hygostar's two-sided non-stick coated baking paper is for gastronomy professionals. The double-sided anti-stick silicone coating ensures that baked goods on this baking paper neither cling nor caking.

Very convenient:

  • The baking paper is on roll so you can customize the size
  • The baking paper is double-sided and reusable (7-8 times)
  • it is heat resistant up to 220 ° C and
  • food safe
  • as well as grease and water repellent


Type of inner packaging: PE
Type of outer packaging: cardboard
material: Paper

Certifications / Standards

food safe

Overview all norms of Baking paper roll | Paper


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Declaration of conformity for food safety
Technical data sheet

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