The brand allfood

The brand allfood

Allfood stands for gloves that are special certified for the work with food. They are 100% food safe, oil- and greaseproof and ideal for food processing and preparation of meat, fish, poultry and also fruits and vegetables.

Discover the diversity of the brand allfood.

Allfood disposable gloves:

  • made of nitrile: allergy free, powderfree, textured fingertips for excellent grip
  • made of TPE: odourless, very skin-friendly, free from softeners (phtalates), silicone and latex
  • made of CPE: powderfree, allergyfree and very skin-friendly, free from alcylphenols, silicone and latex, very breathable and good grip due to a structured and rhomb material

Allfood cut protection gloves:

  • made of spectra fiber: special protection for knife-leaving hand
  • made of strong knitted special fibre: very good cut resistance, with extra long cuff for more safety
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